A Warm and Toasty Thursday Expected!

Good morning WABBLES community! Recently temperatures have been higher than normal, and today will be even warmer! Temperatures around our region today will reach its highest yet this week, and will slowly begin to cool throughout tonight.

Even Jimmy Fallon thinks so! (GIPHY)


Morning skies will be bright, clear, and a bit breezy. The temperatures throughout the day are expected to be in the upper 70’s, with a max temperature of 80 degrees expected. This is 29 degrees warmer than the climatological average for Bowling Green in Kentucky!

Warm temps throughout Ohio Valley
Warm temps throughout Ohio Valley today (Pivotal Weather)

A cold front from the west will push its way through the Ohio valley throughout today, setting our region up for cooler temperatures and drier air throughout the rest of the night and into Friday. This will cause the winds to shift more north, with a prevailing direction of Northwest through most of the day at around 30mph.

Cold front bringing drier air over WABBLES (WPC)

Thursday Evening

Temperatures will now begin to cool following the frontal passage, around the lower 40’s and mostly cloudy skies. Winds will have died down and be around 10mph, and prevailing northeasterly. High pressure will now be over the region, with model Skew-Ts indicating inversions throughout the upper levels of the atmosphere. In other words, this evening will perfectly uneventful.

Inversion indicates high pressure/stability (Pivotal weather)

This Weekend

The uneventful weather won’t last for too long, as chances of showers are likely Friday night following into Sunday due to approaching frontal boundary. A high of 55 and a low of 40 expected throughout Friday, with only about a 30% chance of rain showers. Saturday, on the other hand, approaches a 50% likelihood of showers, with a high in the upper 50’s and low around 45. Sunday warmer temperatures will begin to apear again, with a high of 65, low of 55, and chances of showers at 50%.

Possible Precipitation Saturday into Sunday (WPC)

Thankfully not much is occurring over the WABBLES region through today and during the day Friday, leaving room for any enjoyable outside activities! Unlike the Great Lakes Region… Sorry Wisconsin! Have a Terrific Thursday!

Happy THORSday! (GIPHY)