Jan. 12th; Stormy Morning, Massive Cooldown Tonight

Good morning, WABBLES folks! We’ve got a lot to talk about today, starting with the storms currently on their way into the area. But the winter chill on the backside of this system is not to be ignored, as once the rain moves out this afternoon, it’s time to break out the heavy jackets and wool socks once again. Let’s break it down together!

Stormy Morning, Massive Cooldown Tonight
Remember where you put the coat? (GIPHY)

Severe Weather This Morning

The main focus of today’s forecast has to do with the cold front currently making its way through the WABBLES area, bringing with it some pretty hefty winds and torrential rains. Fueled by some energy left over from the West Coast’s atmospheric river event, the majority of the rain and wind will be over by late morning, with the main event well on its way into Eastern Kentucky by noon. A small tornado threat exists to our west, but by the time the convection moves into our neighborhood, we’ll mainly be concerned with the potential for damaging wind gusts and isolated flash flooding.

Stormy Morning, Massive Cooldown Tonight
Timeline of Storms (PivotalWeather)

Most of us will be dry by the evening, which sets the stage for the much chillier temperatures that’ll be greeting us come Thursday morning. Today’s high temperature is clocking in at around 63 degrees, which makes tonight’s expected low temperature of 33 degrees that much more impactful. That’s a 30-degree difference in temperature over 24 hours, y’all. January weather is a little bit nutty, huh?

Flurries Tonight into Friday?

Now, don’t get too excited— we’re not calling for a snow day here, but due to the drastic drop in temperature plus some lingering moisture in the atmosphere, it won’t be impossible for some of us to see flurries as we go about our mornings on Friday. Nothing measurable is expected, but at least it’s a reminder that it’s still winter out there (if the cold temps haven’t already convinced you).

Stormy Morning, Massive Cooldown Tonight
Hey, look! Flurries! (PivotalWeather)

Once the flurries taper off, we’re in for a relatively calm— if not pretty frigid— weekend ahead. High temperatures will struggle to crawl out of the 40s by Sunday, and our lows will fluctuate between the high 20s and high 30s into Monday. Other than that, we’ll be blessed to have some pleasant sunshine and blue skies going into next week, so get out and enjoy it if you can. Just don’t forget that coat!

January’s Forecast

Things will stay pretty quiet around here over the next week or so, though we do have some more rain chances expected in the next 7 days. Our next interesting storm system, however, is currently about 200 hours out and is expected to reach the WABBLES area around the morning of January 19th.

This low pressure system could present itself as either a severe weather event or a local snowmaker, or it could fall apart before it ever gets to us and turns out to be a whole bunch of nothin’. That’s the beauty of far-into-the-future-casting, friends! Either way, we’re keeping an eye on it here and will let you know more details once we get closer to the event itself. What we do know, though, is that we’re in for an overall milder January than usual, despite our little mini-cold blast coming this evening.

Stormy Morning, Massive Cooldown Tonight
Above-average temps expected this month. (PivotalWeather)

Wrap It Up!

That’s all we’ve got for you today, friends of WABBLES! If you’re out and about this morning, please pay attention to the weather and stay safe on the roads as the storms make their way out of the area. Pack that umbrella and a thicker jacket for when you leave the office, because it’ll definitely be a bit chillier than when you came in, I can promise you that! If you’re looking for more frequent updates between blog posts, all our socials are linked below— we take a lot of pride in our Twitter page, so go check it out if you’ve got the chance. Other than that, take care folks, and we’ll talk again soon. Later!

Stormy Morning, Massive Cooldown Tonight
Get outta here! (GIPHY)