Enjoy the Vitamin D!

Happy Wednesday WABBLES! We are finally out of that awful Arctic blast of winter weather. Today and tomorrow are going to be gorgeous. Plenty of time to get outside and enjoy some rays! There is some rain headed our way though by the end of the week. Here’s the details…

OLAF enjoying that vitamin d (GIF)


Heading out the door this morning will be chilly with temperatures in the 40s, still grab that coat and hat before you head outside. Wednesday afternoon will be filled with sunshine and temperatures in the 50s! After being cooped up inside for the past few days it will feel nice to get outside and enjoy that vitamin D! High pressure is dominating our area for the time being which will help keep us dry and warmer for today and Thursday. 

Enjoy the Vitamin D
Anticipated high temperature (Pivotal Weather)


Temperatures on Thursday are going to be around 10 degrees warmer then normal for this time of year. After the recent cold front, it will almost feel like spring time in outside! Skies should remain partly sunny throughout the day until that sun sets. Thursday evening could bring us a slight chance for early rounds of showers depending on the amount of moisture that gets brought in from the Gulf of Mexico. 

Overview for Thursday into Friday (WPC)


Friday kicks off with showers and temperatures in the 60s. There will be multiple rounds of rain showers due to a stationary front that’s draped over the Ohio valley by this time. Evening temperatures will still drop down into the 40s, so it could feel chilly for any outside nighttime activities.

Saturday the rain continues on and off all day. Saturday evening there is hope for some clearing for those of you trying to make any New Years Eve plans, depending on how quick this system moves out of the area. For right now, plan to have that rain gear handy. Sunday morning there could be a few more lingering showers but a majority of New Years Day is looking to be more dry with temperatures around 60. 

Trending anticipated rainfall amounts (Pivotal Weather)

Overall, remember take some time to soak up that vitamin d

The rain chances could change as this system progresses, stay alert to any changes through our other social media platforms. That’s all I have for you WABBLES, enjoy the sunshine and vitamin d.