Arctic Air Taking Over

How about that ride in? Few things are as thrilling & exhilarating as a good ole fashioned ride on the Kentucky Weather rollercoaster, amirite?! Snow reports of roughly 1-2″ were taken across much of the WABBLES community, on target with our forecast. A few have managed to squeeze out a bit more. The story now turns to the brutal Arctic air taking over the region.

Big thanks to Ben Sterling for sharing the beautiful winter wonderland view in Franklin this morning:


Amusing myself from the meteorological perspective is a hobby of mine. So excuse me while I nerd out for a second. The Kentucky Mesonet station, located at the WKU AG Farm on the south side of Bowling Green, measured an observed temperature of 48˚ at 4:05pm Thursday afternoon. This morning, that same thermometer fell to -5˚ reading (with a -25˚ wind chill)!

THAT’S A DROP OF 53˚ IN JUST OVER 12 HOURS. Absolute insanity! Check out the visual for yourself:

Christmas Weekend

Luckily, with the snow out of here, crews across the region should be able to make at least some headway on the treacherous roadways.

Unfortunately, clouds looks to become more abundant again today. Our skycam network uncovers the bold truth, that most roads are still in very rough shape…

Arctic Air Taking Over
Reed-Dossey House – Brownsville
Arctic Air Taking Over
D93 WDNS – Downtown Bowling Green
Arctic Air Taking Over
City Hall – Morgantown

Sunshine should continue to reside in the sky through Christmas Weekend. It’ll remain cold, with wind chills well below zero, until tomorrow afternoon. Real-time readings will be up the mid to upper teens on Christmas Eve, jumping up to a balmy 22˚ Christmas Day.

ANOTHER Snow Chance

No, your eyes don’t deceive you. After we get past the extreme Arctic air taking over the region, our focus will turn to our next opportunity at impactful weather. And, yes, it’s of the winter variety.

Both the GFS and Euro models are in agreement that an Alberta Clipper system will get slung our way, thanks to northwest flow within our atmosphere. This flow will steer the clipper southeast, which is expected to at least clip the region.

Here’s the latest GFS model, valid from mid afternoon Sunday through Monday evening:

Monday Snow Chances

Being this far out, confidence remains low on snow timing/amounts. We’ll continue to keep close eyes on it as the latest data arrives over the upcoming days. We promise to keep you up to date.

A major swing to the warmer side of things will follow suit as we progress into the mid/latter part of next week. We definitely won’t have to worry about Arctic air taking over the region for the New Year.

If guidance holds true, we may be looking at the 60s. Again…that Kentucky Weather rollercoaster. You gotta love it!

Happy Holidays to all. We hope everyone has a safe, blessed Christmas Weekend. We can’t thank y’all enough for your support. Until next time, keep up with us here –> @wxornotBG.