Dec. 19; Frigid Air to Potential Snowstorm? Let’s Find Out!

Good Monday morning, folks of WABBLES and beyond! As I’m sure you already know, we have a positively wild week of weather ahead of Christmas this coming weekend, so it’s time to dial in. Today we’ll be breaking down the facts of this incoming frigid air, as well as the possibility of some other, more exciting winter precipitation… so keep up!

Frigid Air to Potential Snowstorm? Let's Find Out!
Could this be you sometime soon? Probably not, but… still a vibe. (GIPHY)

Today’s Forecast

Average December temperatures will dominate for most of the day today, with our high only reaching about 41 degrees before we hit 29 as a low this evening. Some of you are surely thinking that’s perfectly chilly enough, but it’s nothing but an appetizer for the frigid air to come. However, we’ve still got a few days before then, so until Thursday, savor the sun and relatively temperate weather!

Frigid Air to Potential Snowstorm? Let's Find Out!
Today’s Morning National Forecast Chart (WPC)

If you’re running a bit behind in your Christmas shopping this week, today and tomorrow will be the best opportunities you have before our frigid air plows its way across the Rockies and Central US towards Western Kentucky. And while you’re out and about, maybe think about picking up some extra batteries and fuel for the generator, if you’ve got one. Sudden cold temps increase demand for indoor heating like you wouldn’t believe, and the strain that inflicts on the local power grid is quite big. It’s always better to be prepared in case of the worst, y’all!

Now… What’s All This About Frigid Air?

Folks, the internet is full of faux meteorologists who would have you believe this incoming storm system is done and dusted as the largest snow event the Ohio Valley will see since the Blizzard of ’78. And while I’m sure some of you would be delighted for such a thing to be true, it’s simply… not. The fact of the matter is that snow is one of the most complex meteorological events to forecast, especially over two days out. But what we can tell you is that it’s fixin’ to get cold. REAL cold.

Frigid Air to Potential Snowstorm? Let's Find Out!
Now that’s some REAL cold. (PivotalWeather)

I’m sure y’all can spot that wave of frigid air roaring in from the west in the above GIF, and it’s certainly a sight to see. It isn’t very often for such a dramatic change in temperature to occur over such a short period in our area, even in December, which is why this event is pretty remarkable. On Thursday, highs will hit the mid-40s before taking a nosedive in the evening, with our low temperature currently expected to clock in at a bone-chilling 6 degrees Fahrenheit. But that’s just the baseline temperatures… take a peek at the wind chills!

Frigid Air to Potential Snowstorm? Let's Find Out!
Holy Guacamole, that’s cold! (PivotalWeather)

Yes, you’re reading that right. The expected wind chill value for the morning of December 24th is currently clocking in at a dreadful minus 13 degrees for much of our beloved WABBLES area; yes, NEGATIVE THIRTEEN, thank you frigid air. Now you understand the reason I mentioned those generators earlier. Christmas Eve is fixing to be a downright Siberian experience, so it’s pretty important that you take this week to prepare before the cold truly hits. Keep those weather preparedness kits stocked; they’re just as useful for winter events as severe storm events!

Okay, It’s Going to Be Cold; But Will It Snow?

That’s the million-dollar question, isn’t it? “Yes, yes, we know about the frigid air, we know about the cold. But what are the chances of a White Christmas?” I mentioned it earlier in the post, but as underwhelming an answer as it is, we really just don’t know yet. The models are still split on how fast the cold air will rush into the area, and with each new batch of data that comes in, our outlook on the entire system changes drastically.

Frigid Air to Potential Snowstorm? Let's Find Out!
The GFS isn’t very promising, sadly 🙁 (PivotalWeather)

One of the latest GFS runs has turned the event into more of a washout than a snowstorm, with a wave of rain moving in early on the 23rd plus a small band of snow on the backside. If this were to verify, much of our area would only see a trace of snow… if any at all. Sure, we’d still get the frigid air, but it would come in a bit too late to bring any of the white stuff with it.

The good news is that the Global Forecast System over 100 hours out is not to be trusted, especially when it concerns wintry precipitation. So if you’re desperate to see some flakes before Christmas, all hope is not lost. We’ll be playing model roulette all the way through Thursday, so stick around to see how it all pans out!

Wrap It Up Already, Jeez!

That’s all we’ve got for you today, friends. Before we part, I’d just like to remind you again that as fun as it is to talk about, this coming frigid air is a lot more dangerous than it might seem on the surface. Regardless of whether or not the WABBLES area receives any significant snow, extreme cold temperatures can be deadly when handled incorrectly. Take a look at the infographic below, and keep it in mind when things get rough this weekend.

Frigid Air to Potential Snowstorm? Let's Find Out!
Frigid Air Preparedness is Essential! (CPWR)

As always, our other social sites are linked at the end of the post, so check them out if you get a second. We love you dearly folks, so stay safe out there! We’ll talk again soon!

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