Dec. 2; December Arrives, Bringing Winter Chill and Rain

The last month of the year has arrived, WABBLES folks! It’s officially time to start the caroling and put up the lights, because if you aren’t already aware that the holidays are fast approaching, the incoming chilly temperatures will certainly open your eyes. Meteorological Winter began yesterday, December 1st, and will carry us through the end of 2022 before ending on February 28th. Not to be confused with Astronomical Winter, which begins on December 21st and is based on the position of the Earth in its orbit around the sun— not that it matters too much for us, because it’s still gonna be darn cold!

December Arrives, Bringing Winter Chill and Rain
No Snow… But Still Cold! (GIPHY)

The Weekend Forecast

This December, all eyes are on the active meteorological pattern that’s beginning to set up over the CONUS; and just this week, us here in the WABBLES area will get a taste of that active pattern, as it looks like we’re going to get quite a few chances at precipitation over the next 7 days. The first opportunity for measurable precipitation will move in tonight alongside a roaring cold front, bringing with it some fierce, gusty winds and heavy rain beginning in the afternoon.

December Arrives, Bringing Winter Chill and Rain
Rain Moving Through the Region (PivotalWeather)

High temperatures today will linger around the high-50s, and while tonight’s lows will stay in the low-50s due to the rain, the cold front behind our precipitation will force our temperatures to drop throughout the day on Saturday. Gusty winds as high as 23 miles per hour will keep it feeling a lot more like December, so make sure you’ve got your umbrella and rain jacket this evening. Saturday night will be substantially chillier with lows in the high 20s, and Sunday will only hit around the mid-40s for a high before temperatures dip back towards freezing.

December Arrives, Bringing Winter Chill and Rain
The Weekend Forecast (NWS Louisville)

December’s Weather Pattern

Below is the GFS’ take on the next ten days or so of weather here in the WABBLES area. As you can see, we’ve just got rain after rain after rain chances lined up all the way through December 12th. While this exact model isn’t precise enough to confirm that all of these storms will happen exactly as predicted now, over 200 hours out, the overall trend of the model is indicative that we’re entering a period of overall unsettled weather through the middle of the month.

December Arrives, Bringing Winter Chill and Rain
Train of Wet Weather Incoming (PivotalWeather)

As of today, none of these systems look impressive enough to warrant any kind of warning other than keep an eye out for the rain. And that rain isn’t a bad thing, either; most of the WABBLES region is still under a D2 Severe Drought, which would be aided greatly if most of those predicted storms ended up actually moving through our area. Unfortunately for our snow lovers, while temps will remain winter-like, there doesn’t seem to be any good chances for measurable snowfall in our near future quite yet. Sorry about that!

December Arrives, Bringing Winter Chill and Rain
Kentucky Drought Map (U.S. Drought Monitor)

Closing Remarks

That’s all from us here at wxornotBG today, y’all! Thank you always and forever for your unending support, especially as we head into the holiday season. This year, we’re grateful for you folks, because without your patronage and kind encouragement we couldn’t do what we do here. Linked below are our other socials, so if you’ve got a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account, make sure to go over and give us a like or follow! It means more to us than you’ll ever know. Stay well and be safe out there gang, we’ll talk to you again very soon. Bye!