Happy Thanksgiving Y’all

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you across WABBLES and around! I hope everyone is ready for a great Turkey Day with friends, family, copious amounts of food, and a quick weather update from your friends at WxornotBG.

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all (Giphy)


As I mentioned in the last blog post, we are tracking the chances for rain starting today and lasting into tomorrow. The good news is that a pocket of dry air has eroded away the majority of rain chances during the day, so it should be a Happy Thanksgiving Y’all

Model Skew-T Sounding for this Afternoon (Pivotal Weather)

This dry air will keep things from getting too wet around here until we get onto the overnight timeframe, especially, after midnight. Then, we can start to see light showers work through the area until tomorrow morning.

Model Future Radar Tonight – Tomorrow Morning (Weathermodels.com)

As far as temperatures go for the holiday, we will likely see temps into the mid 60s, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to spend some time outside with the family and have a Happy Thanksgiving Y’all before the rain arrives.

Model Highs for Today (Pivotal Weather)


After we have a Happy Thanksgiving Y’all, we have another system passage this weekend that will be bringing rain and even some isolated thunderstorms. There are still some model disagreements and the hi-res short range models haven’t gotten a good picture of the whole event yet, so I am hesitant to go into a lot of details until the next blog.

Model Future Radar this Weekend (Weathermodels.com)

So, with that being said, look for another blog on Saturday Morning for the latest on the system I just mentioned and another long range forecast.

That will be it for today my friends! On behalf of myself and the WxornotBG team, I wish everyone a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving with your loved ones.

Have a blessed day.