Nov. 11; Frigid Air Arrives, Say Goodbye to Fall

Happy Veterans Day, WABBLES! Hope everyone has had a wonderful week so far! I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but our fair fall weather has finally expired. Leftover precipitation from once-Hurricane Nicole is making for a bit of a rainy Friday before the weekend’s frigid air kicks in overnight tonight. Winter is on the way, folks— and once it’s here, it’ll be sticking around for a while!

Frigid Air Arrives, Say Goodbye to Fall
It’s about to get cold, y’all. (GIPHY)

Today’s Forecast

As mentioned earlier, our weekend will be rung in with rain and chilly temperatures, despite the downright heavenly weather we’ve had over the last few days. Gone are the days of highs in the upper-70s and cloudless, sunny skies, though some of us might be a little sick of it by now. Today will only get up to around 66° with a low of 35°, and the remnants of Hurricane Nicole will keep our Veterans Day cloudy and quite wet. Have your umbrella and rain jacket handy if you’re out and about on this dreary— but still lovely— Friday!

Frigid Air Arrives, Say Goodbye to Fall
Remnants of Nicole; Precipitation Type, Rate (PivotalWeather)

Frigid Air Moves In

I’m sure some of you have noticed that little blast of blue trailing behind Nicole’s precipitation on the above model run, so I think it’s time for me to tell you a secret: WINTER IS HERE! Once Nicole’s rainy remnants move out of our area this evening, the frigid air we’ve told you so much about will be hot on its heels. Some might even see a few flurries as the cold front sweeps across the area, but nothing measurable is expected (for now). In case you needed any more convincing, take a look at the following 2m AGL Temperature GIF to see just how bitterly cold it’s fixing to get here in the WABBLES region!

Frigid Air Arrives, Say Goodbye to Fall
There’s That Frigid Air! 2m AGL Temperature (PivotalWeather)

It’ll be a bit blustery tonight as the cold front pushes in, so make sure to hold onto your hats if you’ve got evening Veterans Day plans. By Saturday morning the winds will have died down, but temperatures will struggle to return to the mid-40s by the afternoon. In fact, this weekend is fixing to be the perfect time to kick the heat on to combat that chilly air, as our low temperatures will begin lingering around the mid-20s.

Frigid Air Arrives, Say Goodbye to Fall
The Weekend Forecast (NWS)

Potential Snow Chances Soon?

As much as we’ve enjoyed our longer-than-usual fall season here in the WABBLES area, I’m sure quite a few of you have turned your attention to the upcoming winter ahead. Will it be colder than usual? Warmer than usual? Drier, or will it be wetter? While I can’t quite answer all of those questions for you today, I can at least give you a taste of what local meteorologists have their eyes on this upcoming week… and that, my friends, is SNOW!

Frigid Air Arrives, Say Goodbye to Fall
Is That… Snow? 6-hr Snowfall (PivotalWeather)

Now, before you get your hopes up, BE WARNED: this little spurt of a snow system is 7 days out, and with how notoriously difficult it is to forecast snow in the first place, it’ll be a miracle if this singular forecast GIF holds any water whatsoever by this time next Friday. If— and yes, IF— we see any of that white stuff next week, our best shot at it is looking to be the morning of November 18th through that evening.

But don’t start getting all excited, and definitely don’t start freaking out! With every model run this system changes in intensity, duration, and physical location, so whatever weather we see next week will most definitely NOT look like what we’ve got going on above me here. Time will only tell if we’ll end up getting some early snowflakes after our extended fall, but it’s good to get a heads-up so that y’all can start planning ahead. That’s what we’re here for!

That’s All For Now, Folks!

Thanks for sticking around to the end, WABBLES friends. All of us here at WXornotBG hope you have a wonderful Veterans Day, even if it might be a little rainier than usual. Remember to dig out those thick blankets and fuzzy socks this weekend as the temps start plummeting! Linked below are our other social media sites, so if you’re in the mood, give us a visit. Take good care of yourselves, and we’ll talk to you again real soon! Bye now!

Frigid Air Arrives, Say Goodbye to Fall
Bye Y’all! (GIPHY)