Warmer than Average Temperatures

Good Wednesday Morning WABBLES! Well Folks, have made it to November and those sunrises and sunsets are about to change. Along with the temperatures, which are trending warmer than average for this time of year. The rest of the week is shaping up to be mostly sunny, although we are tracking rain on the way.



For those of you heading to work or school in the morning, temperatures will be in the upper 50s. There is slight chance for sprinkles early this morning but most of you will stay dry. Check out the White Squirrel Weather nest cam showing a live view of the skies over Western Kentucky’s campus. As the day progresses we will be mostly sunny with a high temperature around 70 with Warmer than Average Temperatures. This evening skies will remain clear with a couple areas of patchy fog overnight into early Thursday morning.

Model Highs Today (Pivotal Weather)


Thursday is when we really start to see those warmer than average temperatures kick in. Looking at high temperatures around 76 for the daytime high with Warmer than Average Temperatures. For the beginning of the month, in November, our average temperature is normally around the low 60s. If you were hoping to get some yard work done, maybe rake those leaves, Thursday is looking splendid with warm temperatures and dry ground conditions.

WPC Frontal Chart Thursday

Friday & Weekend

We will start Friday off with mostly sunny and gradually become partly cloudy as we head into the afternoon. There is a slight possibility for rain, around 20 percent, to make its way into our area Friday afternoon. Friday evening we will be dipping down into the low 60s. Saturday and into early Sunday is when we start to see our best chance for another round of showers. Most of area is under severe drought so, hopefully we get some rain to really soak into the ground this weekend.

Drought Monitor Graphic

That’ll do it for today my friends! Have a good rest of your week and a fun, but safe, weekend out there! As always I will link our social media accounts below where you can stay up to date with us!

Have a Blessed Day