Another Rain Maker this Weekend

Good Friday Morning people of WABBLES! I hope everyone has had a great week so far and are ready for a relaxing weekend. In the weather department we have a slightly active pattern for the next couple of days with another rain maker this weekend.

A Look into our Future (Giphy)


Today will be pretty quiet as high pressure dominates over WABBLES keeping any sort of weather systems from touching us. But, we do have another rain maker this weekend.

WPC Frontal Chart for Today

Going over to the temperature side of things, we will be sitting in the very nice and comfortable lower to mid-70s. That will keep us right around 10 degrees or so above average as we come close to ending out the month of October.

Model Temperatures Today (


As we move into Saturday, the first half of the day should remain quiet and mostly clear with the exception of some upper level clouds.

Model Cloud Cover Throughout Early Tomorrow (

Going into Saturday evening, however, we see the arrival of our next big system that will be bringing us some much needed rainfall. It is now we send a thank you to those who have been doing the rain dance the past month because of another rain maker this weekend.

Model Future Radar Saturday/Sunday (

This system wants to make its presence known by slowly working its way through WABBLES and lasting all day Sunday. In all honesty, there will likely be lingering showers by time we move into Monday.

Thankfully, the severe weather parameters are going to be taking a vacation here allowing us to just have some nice rain with, at most, a few rumbles of thunder.

SPC Severe Outlook Keeping us in the Clear

Now, for the most exciting part of the forecast, in my opinion at least, is the rainfall totals. So, how much are going to get? Well after you let the system run its course, by the first half of next week we could see spots around .75″ of rain.

Model Rainfall Totals (

That will be all for this blog post folks. I hope everyone out there has a great Friday and a great weekend. Stay dry out there and I encourage y’all to visit us at our social media accounts linked below.

Have a blessed day!