Oct. 22; Pleasant Weekend Ahead, Rain Chances Come Tuesday

Happy Saturday, WABBLES! The weekend is finally here, which means it’s time to kick back, relax, and enjoy the warm temperatures before they’re gone for good. The cold blast from earlier in the week has come and gone, but the blue skies and sunshine can’t last forever, though we wish they would. Despite our best efforts, rain is back in the forecast come Tuesday!

Pleasant Weekend Ahead, Rain Chances Come Tuesday
It’s the Weekend! (GIPHY)

This Weekend’s Forecast

Normal October temperatures have finally made their return to the WABBLES area, folks! With lows in the mid-50s and highs in the upper 70s, clear skies and sunshine will dominate all the way through to Monday of next week. You’re all clear to pack the heavy coats and boots away for now, but don’t stuff them too far back in the closet. You’ll want to remember where they’ve gone once our beloved fall comes to a close!

Pleasant Weekend Ahead, Rain Chances Come Tuesday
Perfect Fall Temps; 2m AGL Temperature (PivotalWeather)

If you’ve got any pre-Halloween outdoor plans, this weekend is your perfect opportunity, folks. Carve your jack-o’-lanterns, decorate your front yards, and get into the festive spirit! But even though it might feel good outside, it’s important to remember that the low humidity can also spell disaster for dry foliage. And as of October 20th, the entirety of our WABBLES area has been placed into the Moderate Drought category by the US Drought Monitor.

Pleasant Weekend Ahead, Rain Chances Come Tuesday
WABBLES in Moderate Drought (US Drought Monitor)

Now, what does this mean? Nothing scary! Only that it’s been a little while since our area has received any beneficial rains, and the landscape is struggling a bit to stay healthy with less water. With that in mind, we do ask that you keep recreational burning or any other outdoor pyrotechnic-esque activities to a minimum if possible. Any outdoor fire that is started in these drought-like conditions could very quickly become hard to contain, so don’t be “that guy.” Please pay attention to local burn bans this weekend, and stay safe!

Pleasant Weekend Ahead, Rain Chances Come Tuesday
Fire Danger Map (WFAS)

Upcoming Rain Chances Tuesday

Unfortunately, the perfect conditions for fall fun can’t last forever. But though the beginning of this week brings with it a chance of wet weather, we hope that the incoming showers can supply some relief to our drought-weakened foliage. In a blog post earlier this week, I briefly mentioned the possibility of storms come Tuesday. Thankfully, since that post, the forecast models we use have considerably downtrended the severity of the event.

Pleasant Weekend Ahead, Rain Chances Come Tuesday
Pleasant Weekend, Rain Chances Tuesday (PivotalWeather)

Our friends to the west will seemingly get the brunt of these storms Monday night into Tuesday morning, but by the time this low pressure system approaches the WABBLES area, it will have significantly weakened. Moderate to heavy rain should be expected starting Tuesday evening into early Wednesday, with some possible gusty winds. However, we are still a few days out from this event, so it’s definitely possible for this forecast to change. This is your heads-up! Remain weather aware this week, and all will be well.

Final Remarks

That’s all from us today, folks! Get out there and enjoy your weekend, from all of us here at WXornotBG. And if you haven’t got too much on your plate already, consider swinging by the WKU Ogden Auditorium today (Saturday the 22nd) between 8 AM and 4:30 PM to see us during KenTenn! We’d love to say hi, and there’s even free donuts, if you’re into that sort of thing! The agenda is included below; we’ve got a star-studded cast of meteorologists from all over both Kentucky and Tennessee, so if you’re interested in hearing what they have to say, don’t hesitate! We hope to see you there!

KenTenn Agenda (NWS)
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