Oct. 18; Record-Breaking Cold Air Moving In

Good Tuesday morning, WABBLES friends! Hope everyone is having a stellar start to the week. The major weather story today is all about the freezing temperatures here in southcentral Kentucky, as some record-breaking cold air starts moving in.

Remember to bundle up! (GIPHY)

This Week’s Forecast

A big blast of arctic air is currently on its way to give the southern states their first big taste of winter this season, beginning early this morning. The chilly temperatures will linger all the way through to Thursday, giving everyone a chance to enjoy that record-breaking cold air before more typical October temperatures make their return on Friday.

Record-Breaking Cold Air Moving In
Record-Breaking Cold Air Moving In; 2m AGL Temperature (PivotalWeather)

No notable precipitation is expected with this cold front as it pushes into the area; however, the sudden chill has prompted the National Weather Service to put out a Freeze Warning for the WABBLES area, as well as a large portion of the Midwest and Deep South. This Freeze Warning will last through 10 AM this morning, though the lingering cold could encourage the folks at NWS Louisville to extend the warning into this evening.

Record-Breaking Cold Air Moving In
Record-Breaking Cold Air Moving In; Prompting Freeze Warning (NWS)

Lows in the low 30s will finish out our evenings both tonight and Wednesday night, with highs hitting the mid-50s before the cold air is pushed eastward by warmer temperatures arriving Thursday afternoon. Until then, remember to bundle up the kiddos before you send them off to the bus stop! This cold snap will also hit hard for a lot of temperature-sensitive outdoor plants, so make sure to cover up your frost-adverse foliage if you’re able.

Record-Breaking Cold Air Moving In
Record-Breaking Cold Air Moving In; Frontal Map (WPC)

A few flurries are expected to our north as the lake effect snow machines kick on in areas around the Great Lakes. But don’t get too excited— it’s not quite SnowTown here in WABBLES just yet, as even the locations in Northern Kentucky won’t see any substantial accumulation. High temperatures in the mid-to-high 70s will dominate going into the weekend, and by next Monday, these chilly mornings will be nothing but a fond (or maybe foul) memory to look back on.

End-of-the-Week Forecast

As mentioned earlier on in the post, these frigid temps are— well, temporary. A dome of warm, temperate air that will have been building in the west during this time will finally start shoving the polar air off to the east come Friday morning, which will set the stage for our next big chance at stormy weather. But it’s still much too far out to accurately predict the intensity and possible hazards that the aforementioned frontal system might bring, so until we get closer to the beginning of next week, get out and enjoy the sun!

Record-Breaking Cold Air Moving In
Record-Breaking Cold Air Moving In; Sunny Forecast (NWS)

Clear, bright blue skies will carry us through the rest of the week, making for some excellent fall weather once the average daytime temperatures return on Friday. There’s no better time to go visit your pumpkin patches, start up the family bonfires and warm up the apple cider! Fall will be over before you know it, folks, so savor this time outdoors before the polar air returns for good. And if you’ve got the chance, come visit the WXornotBG crew this weekend at KenTenn 2022!

Record-Breaking Cold Air Moving In
Record-Breaking Cold Air Moving In; KenTenn Agenda (NWS)

The fun starts at the WKU Ogden Hall Auditorium at 8:00 AM on Saturday, October 22nd, and is open to any and all who wish to attend. Come hear from our amazing keynote speakers (as well as some WKU meteorology students!) as they recap and analyze many of the recent severe weather events across Tennessee and Kentucky, including the December 10-11th tornadoes from last year. Tasty snacks will be provided, and you’ll get the opportunity to speak to professional meteorologists from four different National Weather Service offices. Join us this weekend, and you’re sure to have a great time!

Record-Breaking Cold Air Moving In
Seeya later! (GIPHY)

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