The Return of Storm Chances

Good Monday Morning my friends! I hope everyone had a great weekend and are ready for the week ahead. As we get further into fall we will get weeks like this which will feature the return of storm chances.

Is this a Look into our Future? (Giphy)


We will start off today just like every other day here recently with high pressure in the region keeping us quiet and boring. On top of this quiet and clear weather for WABBLES today, we will see some beautifully mild highs in the mid 70s. An all around great day!

WPC Frontal Chart this Afternoon


As we move into tomorrow, we will see the high pressure over us start to move off to our east and allow the return of storm chances west of WABBLES. However, in our neck of the woods, we will still be seeing clear to mostly clear skies and slightly warmer highs near 80 before the return of storm chances.

Model Highs Tomorrow (Pivotal Weather)


Wednesday will be the “big day” for the week as we see the return of storm chances. That high pressure that I have been mentioning will be completely out of the region which will allow a trough and low pressure system to impact WABBLES and the return of storm chances.

WPC Frontal Chart showing Storm Chances Returning

This is still a few days out and models are still disagreeing on how this exactly will play out. One of our global models is suggesting a nice round of thunderstorms and a low-end severe weather threat. The other is suggesting more of a scattered thunderstorm and weak severe storm risk. Either way, this is the return of rain and storm chances.

Model Future Radar Wednesday (Pivotal Weather)

On top of thunderstorms and isolated strong to severe storms, rainfall totals should remain fairly mild with rain gauges likely sitting around .25″-.50″ around WABBLES at the end of this event. So, nothing to write home about but this will be our first big system in a while. There could be a few isolated areas with heavy rains for a sort time, but that doesn’t look to be a big concern.

Model Rain Chances for this Event (Pivotal Weather)

Temps as we go into Wednesday and before the rain and storm chances will actually be quite warm in the low-mid-80s. This will be the warmest temps we have seen in a little while.

Model Highs Wednesday (Pivotal Weather)

Now I will start to get into the more divisive subject in the community, cold weather. A cold front will be following behind these storms Wednesday and bringing back those chillier temps in the 60s. While this may not really be very cold for a lot of people, it is only a matter of time until we see some nice cold snaps.

Model Highs for Thursday after Cold Front (Pivotal Weather)

That will be it for the forecasting side of this, but I would like to remind everyone about the KenTenn Conference coming up on Oct. 22nd at WKU! This will be from 8 AM to 4:30 PM and open to anyone and everyone. There will be people speaking about last years deadly December tornado outbreak and other noteworthy weather events. This is a free event and everyone is encouraged to attend.

KenTenn Agenda

Now I hope to see plenty of y’all there and I hope that everyone has a great day out there. Enjoy the beautiful weather before the rain and storms arrive. As always, I will link our social media sites below where you can follow us for more updates.

Have a Blessed Day!