Falling For This Dry Weather

Happy Wednesday, WABBLES. It has seemed like a rinse and repeat forecast for the past several days. September ended on a dry note and October has began falling for this dry weather pattern as well. Some of our area is seeing abnormally dry drought conditions according to the U.S. Drought Monitor. For today you can expect […]

Falling for this dry weather
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More Sunshine Today

There is plenty of high pressure dominating the Ohio Valley, keeping us dry and with sunny skies. White Squirrel Weather nest cam showing just how clear those skies are looking. As the sun rises around 6:44 temperatures will be in the mid-40s.

Although a light jacket could be handy, temperatures will slowly increase as we head into lunchtime. Expect a high temperature near 75 and a low around 46. Winds should remain calm and any outside activities will see quiet weather conditions.

Anticipated Temperature (pivotal weather)

Thursday & Beyond

The best way to describe the weather conditions for tomorrow is like a car wash… rinse and repeat. Plenty of sunshine makes its way into our area again tomorrow. For those of you with travel plans, the Storm Prediction Center is showing a marginal risk of thunderstorms out in the Southwest U.S States near Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado.

There is also another area falling under the marginal risk for severe weather near the northern Ohio Valley states. For all of us in the WABBLES counties though, we are stay cool and falling into this dry weather.

Storm Prediction Outlook (SPC)

Weekend Outlook

Friday morning, a cold front pushes through bringing a slight breeze from the northwest around 10 mph. Along with a gust of wind we are seeing a slightly cooler start to the weekend then normal. Expect a high temperature near 70 and a low near 40.

As for Friday night and Saturday night, we have potential to see our first frost of the season, with low temperatures in the mid-30s to lowers 40s.

WPC map showing the cold front pushing through (WPC)

Lastly, for those of you eager for spooky season, maybe you are looking for the perfect night to cook some popcorn, and watch the new Hocus-Pocus movie check out the Climate Prediction Center.

Temperatures are looking to be slightly cooler then normal for the next 8-14 days. As for precipitation, we are staying near normal with our area falling for this dry weather pattern. Enjoy the rest of the week WABBLES!