KenTenn 2022

Calling all fellow weather enthusiasts across WABBLES and beyond! The great annual gathering known as KenTenn 2022 will take place on October 22nd, 2022 at the WKU Ogden Hall from 8am to 4:30pm. Join us as we unite for a day of weather overload, complete with booths and numerous presenters! It’s FREE!

Speakers for KenTenn 2022

This year’s keynote speakers for KenTenn 2022 include Kathy Stewart O’Nan, Mayor of Mayfield, along with Rob Clayton, Superintendent of Warren County Schools.

They’ll be sharing their experiences from the tragic tornadoes and what followed across portions of the Commonwealth on December 10-11, 2021.

Other presenters include WKU Meteorology Professor and Campus Meteorologist, Dr. Joshua Durkee, students involved with White Squirrel Weather, along with numerous NWS offices from Kentucky and Tennessee.

This will include NWS Jackson speaking on the recent devastating flooding across eastern Kentucky.

KenTenn 2022
KenTenn 2022 Agenda

Our friend Shane Holinde will lead and moderate a panel discussion complete with local officials, EMs and meteorologists. It’ll be a day full of intriguing content to absorb! That’s without a doubt.

Donuts will be provided for breakfast, along with a lunch to follow…all FREE of charge. What do you need to do to attend KenTenn 2022?! Simply REGISTER HERE and arrive at WKU Ogden Hall on October 22nd! We hope to see you there!