Out With Summer and in With Fall

Good Monday Morning to all of you out there across the region! I hope everyone is having a great day so far and are ready for a great week. There isn’t a whole lot of weather activity except for the little heat wave we are in.

A Look into this Week (Giphy)

Today – Wednesday

The first half of the week will all share a couple of things in common, there will be plenty of sun and there will be plenty of heat. In all honesty, a little too much heat if you ask me. Thanks to some upper level ridging and high pressure down to the surface, we will remain under a “last hoorah” heat wave from summer.

Model 500mb Height Anomalies Showing Ridging (Pivotal Weather)

Now, I am pretty sick of the heat and I am sure y’all are too, especially when I talk about the highs for the next few days.

  • Today: High of 93
  • Tuesday: High of 95
  • Wednesday: High of 97

Even though we are reaching the last few days of summer, mother nature isn’t letting it go without a fight and it is important to remember some safety tips to avoid heat-related illnesses & injuries.

NWS Heat Safety

Like I mentioned earlier, there isn’t any precipitation expected in these next few days. There will just be an abundance of heat and sun! relief will be coming soon with entrance of Fall, however, on Thursday.

That will be it for this blog my friends! Remember to have a great day out there and stay cool. I will link our social media sites below where you can find more frequent updates to the weather around you.

Have a blessed day!