Soak Up the Sun

Well WABBLES, we made it to Friday! The heat is back in business this weekend. I hope everyone was able to get outside this week and soak up the sun. It’s not quite time to get ride of those shorts and t-shirts though. For those of you trying to make outdoor plans, today we can expect […]


Soak up the sun today

Quiet weather continues as high pressure is staying over our region. For those kiddos waiting outside for the bus or those of you headed to work, expect morning temperature to be in the lower 60s. Check out the gorgeous weather from White Squirrel Weather nest cam. There will be plenty of sunshine throughout the day with a high near 88. Comfortable weather into this evening with lows in the upper 60s as shown below from the weather prediction center.

Surface Fronts (WPC)


We get another day to soak up the sun, expect sunny skies and a high near 87. For the WABBLES area, there is not a whole lot going on in our region due to some stalling high pressure system. If you have weekend travel plans, heading west towards the great plains near Kansas, you will have a slightly higher chance of seeing some pop-up showers according to the WPC precipitation outlook. If you are heading south towards Florida, your chances for seeing rain increase due to a stationary front over northern Florida and into the Gulf of Mexico.

Precipitation forecast (WPC)

If you are interested in any tropical weather there is a slight tropical disturbance out in the Atlantic ocean, that is expected to stay in the southern region of the Atlantic ocean. Visit the National Hurricane Center to keep an eye on any new tropical systems. We will keep you updated for any change in weather patterns as we progress into next week. WABBLES, that is all the information I have for you today! Take time to soak up the sun this weekend.