Here Comes the Sun

Good morning, WABBLES! Hopefully you all stayed dry yesterday and enjoyed the weekend. There is some good news in this weeks weather forecast. We will be getting a little tease of fall as a cold front exits our area. As for today you can expect […]

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We start the day off with temperatures near the lower 60s. High pressure moving into our area will bring sunny skies and dry air. It will be a great day for an outdoor lunch expecting temperatures around 71 at noon. High for the reaching near 74. The evening skies will stay mostly clear, with a low dipping down into the mid 50s.

Expected High temperatures today (pivotal weather)


Tuesday through Thursday is looking to be a repeat of nice weather. Temperatures are slowly going to climb as we continue throughout the week. As you step outside it will begin to feel like fall for a short time with temperatures in the 50s in the mornings. Expect a high of 81 on Tuesday, high of 83 on Wednesday, and then the heat rolls back in Thursday with a high of 86. Each day bringing sunny skies and mostly clear evenings.

WPC Fronts Outlook for Wednesday


Unfortunately, as we head into the weekend we start to bring back that heat. The good news is skies are looking to stay dry. Any outdoor weekend plans are looking to be in good shape as of right now. Temperatures in the upper 80s, but low dew points will keep us feeling comfortable. Stay updated with changing weather conditions throughout the week on our social media outlets. Have a great week!