The Sun has Returned

Good Wednesday morning to all of you out there! I hope everyone has had a great week so far, especially with the nice weather we had yesterday. That nice weather is expected to continue for the rest of the work week as the sun has finally returned to us.

It is Time to Bathe in the Sun (Giphy)


Today will be a very easy and wonderful forecast with plenty of sun out there thanks to a newly arriving high pressure area. Winds out of the north northeast will help keep temperatures slightly cooler in the mid-80s range.

WPC Frontal Chart for Today Showing High Pressure


Thursday is almost a carbon copy of today’s forecast with the exception of temperatures rising a bit as the center of the high pressure sets up shop over the Ohio Valley. Temperatures will likely climb close to 90 with all of the sun we will see. Dew points will also rise a few degrees adding more dreaded humidity to the air.

Model Dew Points Close to the Mid-60s.


Friday will continue with the warm temperatures as highs will hang out around 90 once again. We will also see that high pressure system start to meander its way off to the east which will allow for some clouds to slip into the region, but no rain is expected.

WPC Frontal Chart Showing High Pressure Exiting the Region

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend we will see an increase in moisture being pushed into the region which will not only increase humidity, but bring back scattered rain chances to the forecast. On top of that, an approaching cold front from the north will park near the Ohio River allowing for rain and storms to become more numerous on Sunday.

WPC Frontal Chart with an Approaching Cold Front.

Temperatures should not fluctuate too much this weekend from the mid to upper 80s as the aformentioned cold front will not pass through the area until next week. So, as long as you can dodge any rain/storms it should remain fairly nice for any Labor Day activities.

That will be it for today folks! I hope everyone can enjoy the nice weather while staying cool out there. As always I will put our social media accounts linked below where we post more frequent weather updates daily.

Have a blessed day!