Pop Up Storms Galore

Happy Monday my wonderful friends! I hope everyone is doing well this morning and are ready for the work week. Overall, we won’t have a whole lot to talk about today other than more pop up storm chances.

These storms coming in back to back every day (giphy)

Today – Wednesday

We are firmly in that time of the year where every day’s forecast is almost a carbon copy of each other. This is why I am grouping these forecasts together.

As we go into the first half of this week, we will be seeing pop up thunderstorm chances everyday during the afternoon/heating thanks to the plentiful amounts of heat and moisture in the atmosphere. The abundance of moisture will also allow these storms to dump absurd amounts of water in little time leading to flash flooding potential.

Model Future Radar Over the Next few Days (Pivotal Weather)

As always with these storms, not everyone will be seeing one everyday or maybe even at all. It is really just the luck of the draw as to where they develop and slowly move to before they die off. Other than the rain you can really expect highs to be in the mid 90s today and slowly cool off as we go through the first half of the week.

Model Highs for Today (Pivotal Weather)

That will be all for today folks! This is a rather short blog thanks to a rinse and repeat forecast, either way, I will encourage you all to have a great week and visit our social media sites linked below.

Have a blessed week.