Rain Chances Continue

It’s the pattern we seemingly can’t escape. An atmosphere jammed packed with moisture-rich, unstable characteristics, while providing dewpoint readings that require mosquitos to wear snorkels. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize rain chances continue in this environment.

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Cells Already Firing

A snapshot of the latest radar (valid at 6:30am this morning) reveals sporadic cells are already firing up across the WABBLES community…and beyond.

Radar valid 6:30AM

We’ve been caught up in a pattern with very weak steering/flow, meaning the airmass we’ve been stuck with over the past several days will continue to overstay its welcome.

Strong Storms / Flooding Concern

This broken-record forecast will continue to present a variety of threats across our vicinity, including flash flooding and the potential for damaging winds. The latest NAM 3km showcases the continuous rain chances over the next 18 hours:

Nam 3km valid thru 12am Sunday

The parameters within our atmosphere does not suggest that the entire region will see flooding, but some could. As we’ve experienced over the past few days, some have received 1-2+” of total rainfall, while others have merely seen a few drops. If you’re going to be outdoors this weekend, might want to brush up on “The 5 D’s”…

The bottom line…any cell that fires up in this environment will be capable of becoming very efficient rain producers. Thus, rain chances continue to raise concerns of this possibility.

More Of The Same

There’s really no end in sight regarding this particular pattern, until we get later into the upcoming week. The latest guidance suggests a moving-at-a-snail’s-pace cold front will approach from the northwest, eventually pushing south of the region Thursday into Friday.

Keep your fingers crossed, folks. If this turns out to be true, a cooler, drier airmass will advect in from the north, FINALLY brining a break from this relentless pattern where rain chances continue to plague the WABBLES area. This is showcased by the 500mb model, showing the colder surge of air arriving from the north:

Trough diving in from the north…via pivotal weather

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