More Storms on the Way

Good Wednesday Morning my friends! I hope everyone has had a great week so far and has been staying dry out there. We have more storms in the forecast today and even in the next few days.

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A Look at Fairview in the Future?


Before we dive into the forecast, I have some noteworthy weather news for y’all. It may be raining a lot here, but we have nothing on parts of Missouri. The NWS in St. Louis had reported 24-hour rainfall totals of over 12″ in one area yesterday. Time for folks there to break out the oars.

NWS St. Louis Rainfall


Starting off for the forecast today, I would like to say that whoever has been doing all of the rain dances, please stop. We went from a very dry first half of Summer to parts of the region being underwater. Don’t even get me started on Fairview.

As I have mentioned, we will continue to see on/off showers and thunderstorms across the area throughout the afternoon and evening. If you find yourself under one of these, I would expect some very heavy downpours thanks to the abundance of moisture in the atmosphere. The same can be said for the rest of the week.

HRRR Future Radar for Today (Pivotal Weather)

The SPC has WABBLES under a Marginal Risk (level 1/5) for severe weather today. This will be for any isolated storms that can get their act together and potentially produce damaging winds and large hail. I would expect some healthy thunderstorms out there today, but severe weather is overall a very low risk.

SPC Convective Outlook for Today

You can expect some pretty toasty highs in the lower 90s as these storms start to pop up across the region.

Model Highs for Today (Pivotal Weather)


Now, I bet you can’t guess what I will be forecasting for Thursday can you? If you guessed clear skies and 0% chances for rain… well you would be wishing for what we all want. We of course will have more rain and storm chances.

HRRR Future Radar for Thursday (Pivotal Weather)

This will be more of a late morning on/off into the evening hours event which the SPC also has its eyes on. We will be under yet another Marginal Risk for Thursday for the same risks I mentioned earlier. Isolated pockets of damaging winds and large hail, so keep that in mind.

SPC Outlook for Thursday


Friday will see yet another one of these pesky fronts move through the region bringing, you guessed it, more heavy rain and storm chances. As of right now, this should be very similar to what we will be seeing today and Thursday.

WPC Frontal Chart for Friday

That will be all for this blog post y’all! If I were you I would keep the umbrellas and the rain boots out for the remainder of the week. With that being said, however, I encourage everyone to come visit us on our social media sites linked below for the latest on the heavy rain.

Have a blessed day!