The Heat Continues

Happy Friday, WABBLES! Did you know today is National Hammock Day? National Hammock Day is celebrated every year on July 22 to symbolize relaxation and I bet a little relaxation is just what some of you are looking forward to this weekend. Your relaxation forecast for today is […]

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Heat and humidity continue to rise as we head throughout the day. Sunny skies will quickly help increase the temperatures across the area. We are expecting to reach a high near 94. We start to pick up a little wind from the west later in the afternoon, this will help lower those dew point values this evening and hopefully lead to more pleasant feeling air throughout the night with a low near 72.

Anticipated high temperature Friday (Pivotal Weather)


As we head into Saturday, high pressure is dominating most of the region leaving us with dry conditions and unfortunately no relief to those thirsty gardens and farms. Sunny and hot, the high temperature expected to reach around 99 and low near 76. Make sure to stay hydrated and take those breaks.

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Now, for our last day of relaxation for some of us… who would be shocked if I said the heat continues! Sunday is looking quite steamy, temperatures in the mid 90s but the dew points are in the lower 70s. This is going to make the outside feel much more hot and sticky. Sunday evening the clouds start to roll in and we are seeing low temperatures in the upper 70s.

Heat Safety (NWS)

That is all I have for now folks! I hope everyone gets some much needed relaxation this weekend but, make sure if you plan to relax outside that you bring that sunscreen, and have that water handy.