Dangerous Heat This Week

Happy Monday my friends! I hope everyone had a great and fun weekend across the area. We have a fairly quiet forecast for y’all this week with the exception of some very dangerous heat coming.

Heat Wave Cat GIF
Preview at this Week (Giphy)

Monday – Wednesday

The big story for most of this week will of course be the heat! we are currently seeing a heat advisory out for all of WABBLES until 8pm this evening. This will be for heat index values that will be in the range of 105-110 degrees.

Heat Advisory Map

This is not only a very uncomfortable heat, but a dangerous one if you are not careful while outside. You need to be very hydrated and careful not to over work yourself. Below will feature more info on heat related illnesses.

Heat Safety Graphics
NWS Heat Safety

Although this Heat Advisory is currently only in effect today, we will continue to see high temperatures in the mid upper 90s throughout the week until the Friday timeframe.

Other than the normal pop up showers and storms we normally see throughout the day, we will not be offered any real relief from the heat in the form of rain until later this week thanks to a ridge of high pressure.

WPC Frontal Chart Through Mid-Week

Thursday & Friday

Thursday and Friday will continue the strong and oppressive heat, but to a lesser degree on Friday. A cold front will be moving its way through the area then and bring a slight risk of rain showers. Rain chances will be present Thursday night and into Friday.

WPC Frontal Chart Friday

As we come towards Saturday we will see some slight relief from the heat thanks to the cold front with highs only in the upper 80s.

That will be all for this blog folks! Be safe out there with the heat and I encourage you all to follow us at our social media sites linked below.

Have a blessed day