Wonderful Weekend Ahead

Happy Friday everyone! I hope y’all have had a great week so far with the rain and shine as we will have more rain chances today but a wonderful weekend coming up.

Cat Food Swimming GIF by Morris the 9Lives Cat
It is Time for a Pool Day (Giphy)


The biggest story for us today will be on and off again rain chances starting around lunch time today and lasting until Saturday Morning. This doesn’t look to be too impactful for us, perhaps some rumbles of thunder and brief downpours.

Model Future Radar Throughout Today (Pivotal Weather)

In terms of temperatures for today, they should be hovering around 80, and potentially higher depending on how much sun we get between showers.


This weekend can be summed up very quickly by saying increasing sun around the region and fast increasing temperatures getting close to 90 as we open up to next week. We will thankfully have some great weather for outdoor activities, but stay hydrated!

WPC Frontal Chart for this weekend

That will be it for today’s quick blog, I hope everyone enjoys their weekend and is safe out there. I will be linking our socials down below and I encourage everyone to come and visit for the latest info.

Have a blessed weekend.