More Mid-Week Rain/Thunderstorm Chances

Goof Morning and Happy Memorial Day folks! Before we dive into the weather of the week, I would like to take the time to thank all of our veterans out there for their tremendous service and sacrifice made to the country and to each and every one of us.

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Monday – Tuesday

The first few days of the week need not a whole lot to talk about. It will be a pretty typical summer day for us around the region with temps being rather hot and plenty of sunshine. We will need to watch heat indexes tiptoeing around 90, so be sure to stay hydrated and careful if you are outside for a while.

WPC Surface Chart Monday – Tuesday

Wednesday – Thursday

As we approach the middle of the week, we will see the return of storm chances. As of right now thunderstorms are definitely on the table with the passage of a cold front, but overall it does not look like anything too concerning.

WPC Frontal Chart Wednesday – Thursday

Rain/storm chances look to be best on Thursday as the front looks to actually pass then, but they will be possible both days. This cold front will help suppress temps down to the mid 70s and bring some clouds along with it for Friday.


Friday will feature that “return to normal” period after a cold front moves through, we will have some residual clouds and fairly cooler temperatures. But, overall, it is not that bad of a day, especially if you want a break from the 80s to almost 90s.

That will be all for this blog post my friends! I hope everyone has a safe and fun Memorial day, and as always I will leave our socials linked below.

Have a blessed day.