More Severe Weather Chances

Happy Thursday folks! I am back at y’all again today with a blog on some more severe weather chances. Welcome to May everybody.

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Starting off, let’s take a look at the SPC’s outlook for today which currently has all of WABBLES within another Slight Risk (level 2/5) for severe weather. The main threat will be the usual damaging winds, large hail and isolated tornadoes.

SPC Day 1 Outlook

Currently, it looks like we will be seeing more clusters of storms like we did yesterday, especially up north near the Ohio River. These clusters will help keep the threat more focused around damaging straight line winds rather than tornadoes. While they will not be the main threat it looks like, we still need to watch out for any isolated tornadoes embedded within the clusters. Low does not equal 0% chance.

Model Future Radar Today (Pivotal Weather)

All of this comes as a rather normal setup for storms during this time of the year. We will have a nice soupy airmass across the state with dewpoints reaching the lower 70s tomorrow afternoon providing moisture and instability. This happens as some energy runs into that moisture/instability to help storms to develop. As we all know, it is always humid around here but doesn’t storm every day, you need a trigger to help set them off. In this case, the upper level energy we call vorticity.

Model Dew Points this Afternoon (Pivotal Weather)

To help really get a chance at strong to even severe storms, you need some winds throughout different levels of the atmosphere. It is a bonus if the winds are going in different directions as you go up in the atmosphere. Tomorrow, models are predicting some scattered pockets of wind shear that would warrant a slight risk for severe weather.

Model Bulk Shear Tomorrow (Pivotal Weather)

Now, when can you expect this threat? My current thought is that 4-9 pm will be our window for concern. That is when you need to have your ways to receive warnings and know what to do. This is not a case to panic by any means, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Other than that, I would expect some gusty winds in the afternoon (not associated with storms) and highs easily topping out around 90.


You can thankfully expect Friday to be quiet and dry, but very hot with highs easily hitting the upper 80s with heat indexes easily hitting 90, so be very careful if you are outside. Make sure you drink plenty of water and take rests as needed.

Model Highs for Friday (Pivotal Weather)


Saturday looks to bring in a cold front which will have some thunderstorm and rain chances tagging along in the afternoon/evening before and as this front passes. Currently, severe weather is questionable so it will be something to watch. I would look for highs to be in the lower 90s.

WPC Frontal Chart for Saturday

Sunday will be much cooler with highs in the mid 70s thanks to that cold front. However, I wouldn’t expect a whole lot of clear skies as rain chances will still be possible throughout the day.

That will be all for this blog my friends! Stay weather aware out there today and have a great day. I encourage you all to visit us on social media to get the latest updates.