The Heat Is ON

I hope everyone enjoyed their Derby weekend! Of course, in typical Kentucky weather fashion, we have a forecast much more fit for Derby in the work week that follows across WABBLES. To summarize this week…the heat is on!


We have a blockade going on in the mid and upper levels of our atmosphere, that’ll be keeping any and all weather systems at bay this week.

Omega Block firmly in place by Wednesday via

This particular block is known as an “Omega Block“, and is typical of summer time, and you know what that means.

Thermometers on the RISE

With partly to mostly sunny skies set to dominate, southerly winds will be joining in on the party as well. This will be thanks to that monster ridge of highs pressure lodged between the two upper level lows, as displayed on the image above.

The combo of sunny skies + southerly winds will send highs soaring throughout the entirety of this work week. Thermometers are expected to hit the low 80s today, however, upper 80s to low 90s are on the docket Tuesday through Friday. Heat index readings could hit the mid 90s at times!

Have access to reliable air conditioning? Billy Madison has some advice…

When will it END?

The omega block appears to finally break down as we close in the weekend. Again, typical of Kentucky weather. Hit & miss storm chances will arrive as early as Friday night, become scattered throughout the weekend timeframe.

Euro model valid Saturday into Sunday via

The image above shows our omega block breakdown, allowing scattered chances for the wet stuff through the weekend. As of this moment, no severe weather is anticipated. It shouldn’t be a washout, by any means.

That’s it for your short & sweet weather update. As always, you can follow along with our more frequently updated shenanigans at @wxornotBG.