Last Day of Low Humidity for the Week

Top of the morning to you! How are you? For those of you that are students, we know that the stress is high, but the forecast for today will surely lift your spirits! In today’s post, we will look at today, the weekend, and even the new week ahead!

A hint for today’s forecast…(GIPHY)


Today, the forecast will be in favor of students that are fond of studying outdoors for finals week. As high pressure lingers in our region of the country, sunshine will be partly plentiful. On top of that, conditions will be comfortable, with low humidity, and temperatures peaking in the upper 70’s. Whilst we can’t rule out a stray shower or rumble of thunder, we look to stay mostly dry.

It’s that time of the year again, though, where you must be mindful of risks associated with elongated exposure to sunlight. For today, The Environmental Protection Agency predicts that the UV (ultraviolet) index will reach 7, to which is considered a high risk. If you plan to spend time outdoors (and we strongly encourage it), wear protective gear, such as a wide-brimmed or a pair of sunglasses. Enjoy the sunshine, everyone!

(Environmental Protection Agency)

The Weekend

This weekend, those pesky precipitation chances will return as a low pressure system propagates eastward across the country. Like today, Saturday will start out clear, though widespread showers are expected to take place in the late evening hours and into the following day. However, chances will turn scattered Sunday morning and only stick around until the early afternoon.

With the incoming chances of precipitation will come higher dew points, to which means higher humidity. Whilst temperatures will reach the lower 80’s on Saturday and the upper 70’s on Sunday, dew points reaching the lower to mid-60’s both days will have the air feeling sticky. Be sure to stay hydrated!

Projected dew points for the entirety of the weekend (Pivotal Weather)

Into the New Week

Into the new week, that pesky cloud cover will stick around as scattered showers and storms dominate the forecast. Temperatures will stay high, topping out around the upper 70’s for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Consistent chances of precipitation may promote muggy conditions, though, so be sure to stay hydrated!

For the end of the week, the Climate Prediction Center predicts that temperatures will be slightly below normal and precipitation will be slightly above normal. For those of you that are graduating next week, commencement may be wet, as showers will be scattered. We will keep you updated as the date approaches!

Outlook for precipitation probability (Climate Prediction Center)

Farewell, WABBLES…

For two years now, I have been a contributor for wxornotBG, but all good things must come to an end. This will be my final post for the enterprise, as I graduate next week, and will pass the torch onto undergraduates that can benefit from working for this team in the way that I did.

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All my love! (GIPHY)

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It has been an absolute honor to serve this community. I would like to thank you, personally, for supporting wxornotBG!


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