Monotonous Trend Is Underway

Good morning to you! How is the new year treating you so far? We hope well! If not, we hope that this post will help, as this week will be quiet and mostly dry! In today’s post, we’ll take a look at what to expect for the work week, weekend, and upcoming week!

Quiet? Mostly dry? We can’t complain! (GIPHY)

The Start to Our Week

(Outlook for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday)

If you are out and about early this morning, we advise that you offer yourself extra time for the commute to your workplace. There is a potential for icy roadways from leftover runoff freezing overnight. Moreover, wind chills will remain below freezing for the entirety of the day, so bundle up as needed.

For the start of the week, our forecast will be rather uneventful as high pressure dominates the country. Thus, cloud cover will be very low and winds will be calm. As of now, we aren’t expecting any chances of precipitation.

We are expecting high pressure in our region like this for the work week! (Weather Prediction Center)

As far as temperatures go, Monday and Tuesday will see a high around the upper 30’s and Wednesday and Thursday will be warmer with a high around the upper 40’s. Low’s look to remain below freezing with each day. Our main concern will be with below freezing wind chills in the early mornings. Therefore, if you are an early morning commuter, plan to bundle up before stepping outside in order to avoid catching a cold.

The End to Our Week

(Outlook for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)

For the remainder of the week, the forecast won’t change much, aside from chances of precipitation making a comeback on Saturday. These showers will remain scattered from the late morning until the nighttime. As of now, no significant precipitation amounts are anticipated. And, for good measures, a severe threat is not expected.

Projected precipitation for the entirety of Saturday (Pivotal Weather)

Due to the timing of the cold front, temperatures will be on the decline. Whilst Friday is to have a high around the lower 50’s, Saturday and Sunday will be cooler with high’s reaching around the lower 40’s. Low’s will be similar, with temperatures dropping to the lower 40’s on Friday and below freezing for the weekend.

Taking a Peek at Next Week

(Outlook for the Upcoming Week)

Next week, the Climate Prediction Center predicts that temperatures will be slightly below average and precipitation will be right around normal. Does that mean another week to bundle up for? We think so!

Outlook for temperature probability (Climate Prediction Center)

That’s all for today! We’ll check back in on Friday! For more, follow us at @wxornotBG on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

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