Ida Rainfall Update

Hi again, folks. Just popping in to give an Ida rainfall update across the region and what you can expect throughout the day into tonight.

Today and Tonight

Basically, it will be raining the entire time today with little to no breaks. The heaviest bands will move through this morning and afternoon. Don’t forget to grab that umbrella and rain jacket before you head out this morning.

The center of the low from the remnants of Ida directly below us giving causation to some heavy bands moving through in the afternoon. (Pivotal Weather)

Across the state has already seen some rainfall accumulation overnight, with the Bowling Green area in specific receiving about 0.87 inches so far. Throughout the day today and tonight though, expect to add about 2 more inches to that total. Also, expect winds to be around 30mph so it could be unpleasant at times with rain falling at angles.

Rainfall totals the past 24 hours across KY. (KY Mesonet)

The high will not advance as we are used to and stay in the low 70s today (at least that’s one positive). Again, flooding is a large threat today, so if you take away anything, remember not to attempt to drive through standing water on roadways.

After this event passes, we will experience pleasant weather with comfortable humidity values to welcome in September.

That’s all for now, I just wanted to give everyone a quick update. Be sure to follow our social media pages, @wxornotBG. Stay dry.