A WABBLES Summer: Heat, Humidity, and Sporadic Storms

Good morning to you! For those of you that are starting classes today at Western Kentucky University, we wish you a successful semester! In today’s post, we will look at what’s to come this week as far as heat indices and storm chances go!

Good luck, students! (GIPHY)

Alert: If you are out and about early this morning, you may run into patchy fog on the morning commute. Be sure to give yourself extra time to get to where you need to be and to take it slow. We hope you have a great day at work!

Beware of Heat Indices

(Outlook for Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday)

For the start of this week, plentiful sunshine will be in store for our community as high pressure sets in. That, however, will allow for temperatures to be on the rise. As we know, this is not a good combination with that seasonal, miserable humidity.

Thus, heat indices will skyrocket as we move into the mid-week. For today and tomorrow, it will “feel like” temperatures are in the upper 90’s. Whereas for Wednesday, it’ll only feel hotter, as heat indices reach the triple digits.

Projected heat indices for Wednesday from 10am to 10pm (Pivotal Weather)

If you plan to be outdoors, make sure to have a water on hand at all times to stay cool and hydrated. Students, especially!

Pesky Pop-Up’s

(Outlook for Thursday & Friday)

By Thursday, a cold front will approach our region, reintroducing chances of showers and storms into the forecast. There’s a chance you may have to use those windshield wipers once or twice on the way to work, but the likelihood is higher on your way home. As of now, these are looking to be brief and only produce light amounts of rainfall.

Projected precipitation for Thursday from 7am to 7pm (Pivotal Weather)

To close out the work week, these chances will be on the decline, remaining isolated in the afternoon. For the most part, conditions will be quiet and sunny. That blip of activity will cool us down somewhat and have our high for the day struggling to surpass the 90 degree mark.

Potential Soaker This Weekend

(Outlook for Saturday & Sunday)

For the weekend, chances of showers and storms will be scattered throughout each day, though sunshine will be abundant. It’ll feel sticky out, but temperatures will once again peak around the 90 degree mark for both Saturday and Sunday. Get outdoors and soak up some sunshine, as long as no thunder is heard!

As of now, our main concern will be with Sunday late afternoon and into the early evening, as we may have a period of heavy rainfall in almost all of the counties within our community. This arises the threat for isolated flooding in areas that are vulnerable, such as roadways that are close to streams. As always, we will keep you updated on this throughout the week.

Projected precipitation totals for the entirety of Sunday (Pivotal Weather)

That’ll do it for today! We hope that you have a wonderful week! For more, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!