A Typical Weekend With Storm Chances

Good Friday all across WABBLES! I hope you have all had a great week so far and are all ready for the weekend. I know I certainly am! I have a short blog for you talking about today and the storm chances you can expect to see through the weekend

Pop Tv No GIF by Schitt's Creek
More Storms? (Giphy)


This morning we have a dense fog advisory out for WABBLES thanks to some nasty fog out there. Conditions will improve as the morning goes on.

Dense Fog Advisory

We have a pretty typical forecast for you on this Friday. More scattered/pop up rain chances with some storms having some embedded thunder. These should be pretty isolated, but it is of course something to be aware of.

Future Radar for Today (Pivotal Weather)

Switching gear over to temps, we can expect more of the same average conditions. Highs will be in the mid to high 80s, with humidity of course making it feel closer to 90s in some spots.

Model Highs Across the Area (Pivotal Weather)

It is also worth mentioning that it should remain mostly sunny across the area tomorrow. The only exception for this would be if you found yourself underneath one of those isolated showers.

Cloud Cover Across the Area (Pivotal Weather)


Switching gears over to the weekend timeframe, I regret to inform you that more rain chances are here. The first thing to mention is for activity going into very early Saturday morning.

This is in regards to some rain and storms that will be off to the west. These should be driving straight south from Illinois and stay out of WABBLES. However, they are going to be close enough to where I would not be surprised if some of it spilled over into our area.

Model Future Radar Early Saturday (Pivotal Weather)

Other than that, I would expect the usual isolated rain shower chances for Saturday.

Day 6 image not available
WPC Frontal Chart for Saturday

Temps will be very similar to today, with highs remaining in the mid 80s for Saturday as well.

Model Highs for Saturday (Pivotal Weather)

Sunday will feature more typical weather for us. More isolated showers across WABBLES and warm weather.

Day 8 image not available
WPC Frontal Chart for Sunday

I would look for highs across the area on Sunday to be in the upper 80s, to even close to 90 in some isolated spots.

Model Highs for Sunday (Pivotal Weather)