Temperatures Skyrocket with Storm Chances Tagging Along

Good morning, WABBLES! We finally got a taste of what August should feel/be like yesterday with toasty temperatures and isolated pockets of storm activity. This pattern doesn’t let up as temperatures skyrocket with storm chances tagging along.

Sweating Betty Boop GIF by Fleischer Studios
The heat is ramping up! (Giphy.com)

Today’s Forecast

Today, you can expect it to play out much how yesterday did. Most parts across town will start off mostly sunny, but as we progress into the afternoon, some communities good see some intense downpours with dangerous lightning and gusty winds while others do not.

Future NAM radar shows a pocket of rain moving through the southeast part of the region late this afternoon. (Pivotal Weather)

This is due to quite muggy conditions with dew points in the mid to high 70s supplying ample moisture. These dew points will make the high air temperature of 91 feel like it is actually in the upper 90s. Buckle up because this heat wave is going to last all week!

Overnight, expect the low to drop to about 74 with the slightest of storm chances.

Wednesday and Thursday

For your Wednesday and Thursday, we see less shower and storm activity, although one here or there cannot be ruled out. The headline for these days will be flat-out just how hot it is. The high for both days will be around 95 degrees but the heat indices will for sure pass 100 degrees reaching values of about 103-105. Remember to stay hydrated, don’t leave others in a closed car, and stay indoors if you can.

The heat index for tomorrow will soar to around 103 degrees…(Pivotal Weather)

Active Weather Returns For the Weekend

Looking ahead, it looks as if we have more active weather in store for the weekend. As of now, for all of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, it looks as if pesky scattered showers will be the name of the game. We will still see an abundance of sun, but the showers will make their presence known as well. Temperatures are expected to “cool” to the upper 80s.

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Even a slight cool off like this will feel incredible and will have us celebrating. (giphy.com)

That’s all for today’s post! Be sure to follow our social media, @wxornotBG for all your weather updates. Have a greta week.