A Relatively Dry End to the Work Week

Top of the morning to you! We hope that you are having a wonderful week so far! If not, today’s post will surely cheer you up, as the forecast for the rest of the work week will consist of plentiful sunshine and low chances of showers and storms.

Us, to mother nature…(GIPHY)


Today, a high pressure system over our region will hold chances of showers and storms off to our south. Thus, we will be left with plentiful sunshine and calm winds. For the remainder of the week, this will not be true, so make sure to get outdoors today if you can.

Predicted surface map for today at 1pm (Weather Prediction Center)

As we move into the afternoon hours, temperatures will reach the lower 90’s. Into the evening, we will cool off into the upper 60’s. There will be moisture in the air, but only enough to be noticeable. If you plan on spending time outdoors, don’t forget to stay hydrated.

Predicted high temperature for today (Pivotal Weather)

As always, with little cloud cover comes the potential for dangerous ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Today, the index will reach very high values within our community. If you are out and about today, make sure to have sunblock (SPF 15+), protective clothing and accessories, and water on hand.

Predicted peak ultraviolet (UV) index for today (Environmental Protection Agency)

Rest Of the Work Week

For the remainder of the work week, chances of showers and storms will be in the forecast, but will remain relatively low. As of now, the threat of severity is very low and the expected precipitation totals are less than a tenth of an inch. If anything, these will be brief, light pop-up’s that we normally have in this season.

On the other hand, the high’s and low’s for the rest of the work week will be similar to those of today. With dew points on the rise, humidity will become oppressive. This will call for high heat indices, with Thursday’s reaching the lower 90’s and Friday’s reaching the mid-90’s.

Projected heat index for the entirety of Thursday and Friday (Pivotal Weather)

That’s it for today, everyone! Thank you for reading! For more, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!