Quiet Conditions Stay Locked In

Good morning WABBLES and welcome to Tuesday. We started out the week on a great note yesterday with primarily dry weather across the region. We look to continue this trend as quiet conditions stay locked in today.

Relaxed Sunday Afternoon GIF by Vulture.com
My mood the next few days. (Giphy.com)

Simple, Sweet, and Sunny

Today’s forecast is just about as easy as it gets from a forecasting perspective. A high pressure keeps us dry, and a stationary front to our south doesn’t dare move to bring us showers. In fact, we will see beautiful mostly sunny conditions all day today.

High pressure over Iowa and Missouri keeps us dry and out of the action down south. (wpc)

The high temperature will be in the upper 80’s, and while this is approaching the “toasty” spectrum, the humidity stays way down today making the air feel pretty bearable as just a dry heat. For the record, I’m totally on board with this break from the humidity!

Dew point values in the lower 60s around lunch time making the air feel quite nice. (Pivotal Weather)

Overnight, conditions remain mostly clear as the low drops to the high 60s.

Wednesday and Thursday Details

Wednesday and Thursday are for the most part carbon copies of today’s forecast. However, expect it to feel a bit hotter as we likely will break 90 degrees both days, and the humidity kicks it up a notch. Dew point values will be in the low 70s making it feel a bit muggier around here, much closer to what it normally feels like for mid July.

Late Thursday afternoon, we stand the chance to see a few isolated showers and storms. These will be your typical summertime event, if anything, so they will be short lived with the main threat being heavy downpours.

Speaking of showers though, we have chances in the forecast for the entire weekend to see some action. Again, we will be mostly sunny most of the weekend with a few disturbances popping up here and there. It will by no means be a washout weekend.

Showers surrounding the area on Friday afternoon per future radar. (Pivotal Weather)

That’s all for today’s post! Thanks for reading and be sure to follow our live weather feed on twitter, @wxornotBG, and also on our other social media platforms. Have a great week!