Welcome Back to Summer Weather

Good Friday Morning everyone! I hope y’all are having a great day so far and are ready for the upcoming weekend! As many of you likely realized yesterday, the summer weather is certainly back.

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Summer… That’s pretty much sums this up (Giphy)


Starting off, some decaying rain showers will be possible this morning but they should all die off by time they make it to WABBLES.

Future Radar This Morning (Pivotal Weather)

These rain showers will be the result of a very weak front from a storm system last night to the northwest. This cold front, however, will have little to no impact to our temps throughout the day.

Weak Cold Front Previously Mentioned (Pivotal Weather)

Speaking of temps, I would anticipate highs to reach the upper 80s. It will be very important to be careful while outside tomorrow.

Model Projected Highs for Today (Pivotal Weather)


Saturday will be overall rather quiet leading to a perfect weekend day to relax! Temps will remain in the upper 80s yet again keeping things on the warmer side.

Model Projected Temps for Saturday (Pivotal Weather)

Even though it will be quiet Saturday, it will be quite stormy to our north. Thunderstorm chances are quite high with what seems like one round of storms after the next.

Future Radar Friday Through Sunday (Pivotal Weather)

These training storms are thanks to an upper level area of winds that seem to just sit there firing up storms. You can also see how these winds will stay well away from WABBLES.

Upper Level Winds (Pivotal Weather)


Closing out the weekend, more quiet conditions are expected for us. Highs will be like a broken record of being in the upper 80s like the past few days.

Model Projected Temps Sunday (Pivotal Weather)

At the same time, skies should remain mostly clear except for the potential of some isolated clouds.

That is all for today folks! I hope everyone gets outside this weekend and enjoys the quiet weather. I encourage y’all to come and visit us on our social media accounts linked below.