Quiet and Comfortable Conditions For the Remainder of the Week

Good morning, everyone! It’s crazy to think we are already halfway through the month of June. The weather pattern lately has suggested we are in the depths of summer, but for now, the WABBLES region will experience quiet and comfortable conditions for the remainder of the week.

sweat sweating GIF
This was many of us this past weekend…quite literally dripping sweat (Giphy.com)

A Bit of Relief From the Heat

The forecast around here is pretty simple starting today and for the next few days. The region finds itself in a pattern of existing between two high pressures all the while missing out on the moisture and humidity from the Gulf of Mexico.

Western Kentucky in between two high pressures which is helping to keep us dry. (wpc)

The latter is something to be celebrated as it will allow us to take a break from the mugginess and unbearable stickiness we felt in the air this past weekend. The synoptic pattern will also keep us dry with mostly sunny conditions dominating all the way through Friday.

Moisture/humidity surging up from the Gulf into the Plains giving the mid-South a break (Pivotal Weather)

So how much of a relief from the heat are we getting you may ask? Well, today’s high will be in the mid-80’s which is about ten degrees cooler than what we were feeling over the weekend. Taking into consideration the lack of humidity as well, this will spectacular.

Temperatures follow that trend through Thursday where on Friday is looks like we spike up to the 90s once more.

Rain Chances Over the Weekend

The humidity returns this coming weekend which will introduce rain and storm chances back into the forecast. These will be very much like our classic summertime storms, meaning conditions will be mostly sunny and one of these pop-ups could drop in at any time producing heavy rains and gusty winds.

Showers across Kentucky late Saturday evening shown by the future radar. (Pivotal Weather)

At this point, I’m not thinking you’ll need to change any outdoor plans you may have, but be cautious of the possibility of downpours on and off throughout the weekend.

That’s all for today! Thanks for reading and be sure to follow our live weather feed on Twitter, @wxornotBG, and also on our other social media platforms. Have a spectacular week.