Active Pattern Starts Today, Carries on Into the New Week

Good morning to you, fellow reader! We hope that you’re having a wonderful weekend so far! If you had a full schedule yesterday, today is the perfect day to unwind. In short, conditions will be rather dreary for today and the week ahead.

On the bright side…Look at how beautiful yesterday’s sunset was!

A Wet End to the Weekend

Today, our region will have the first of the shower and storm chances that will stick around for the entirety of this upcoming week. As of now, we aren’t expecting for any of these for today to become severe. At most, our main concern will be with localized heavy rainfall.

Precipitation for today from 7am to 7pm (Pivotal Weather)

Chances are, showers will start picking up right around the time that you wake up. These will be light up until the late afternoon, where totals could surge just enough to make roadways hazards. Nonetheless, the amount of precipitation that is to come will be less than a quarter of an inch in total.

Projected precipitation totals for today from 1pm to midnight (Pivotal Weather)

With the abundance of showers and storms, expect nothing more but oppressive humidity. On top of that, temperatures will stay hot, topping out around the lower 80’s. Therefore, if you are outdoors at all today, make sure to dress light and stay hydrated.

Projected dew points for today from 7am to 7pm (Pivotal Weather)

Active Pattern Remains for the Week

For this upcoming week, the story is much of the same. Every single day will have both shower and storm chances. Moreover, temperatures will be in the same ballpark, with high’s in the 80’s and low’s in the 60’s.

That’ll do it for today! We hope that you have a wonderful end to your weekend! For more, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!