Well, It’s Summer Now

Good Thursday Morning WABBLES! I hope you all are having a great week and morning so far. There is very little to talk about in this blog post, in fact, the weather for the near future can be summed up in one sentence: It’s Summer now.

Summer Holiday GIF by NDR


The main story for today, and really the next week or so, is that of a very strong high pressure system over the eastern US.

Day 3 image not available
WPC Frontal Chart For Today

This high pressure system has been in place for some time now and has cut off areas east of the Mississippi River from any rain or impactful weather. This will continue to be the case as we move into the future.

This highpressure system/ridging will help usher in an abundance of warm, summer-like temperatures and conditions. In fact, highs for us today will be in the mid 80s.

Model Projected Highs (Pivotal Weather)

Hey, you remember a couple of weeks ago when it is raining every other day and it was rather cool? Well whoever was wishing for that to change, you did a fantastic job. It is the exact opposite now.

This, although, is certainly not a terrible thing, skies will remain relatively clear leading to lots of sunshine. If you decide to go outside, which I highly recommend, be sure to bring plenty of sunscreen!

Model Projected Cloud Cover (Pivotal Weather)

It will likely remain rather breezy at times today which should help ease the feeling of the warmth, just a tad. Wind gusts into the mid teens are very likely.

Model Projected Wind Gusts (Pivotal Weather)


Tomorrow will be very similar to today in terms of just about everything. Highs for the day will remain in the mid 80s again with rather clear skies.

Model Projected Highs (Pivotal Weather)

Winds will definitely be on the gusty side in the morning, with gusts topping 20 mph. These winds will gradually start to slow down as the day progresses.

Wind Gusts Throughout Friday (Pivotal Weather)


This weekend will be the perfect opportunity to make some fun plans outside. Whether you are into camping, parks, hiking, or any outdoor activity, this is the weekend to do it. Highs for the weekend will remain in the upper 80s.

Model Projected Highs This Weekend (Pivotal Weather)

In fact, I would not be shocked to see some areas in and around WABBLES to reach the 90 degree mark. The fact that it will be on the clear side both days, only increases the chances of this happening.

That will be all for today folks! I hope you enjoy the terrific weather and get to spend some time outside. Just remember to bring plenty of water and sunscreen.

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