Summer-Like Trend Sets In

Good morning, everyone! We hope that everyone is having a wonderful week so far! If not, we can hopefully help with the rather uniform forecast that we will have for the remainder of the week: plentiful sunshine with summer-like temperatures.

Our suggestion: do this sometime this week! (GIPHY)

High Pressure Keeps Us Dry

For the rest of the work week, high pressure will keep shower chances out of our neck of the woods. In other words, we will have an influx of sunshine as the weekend approaches. If you haven’t yet, make plans to spend time outdoors!

Predicted surface map for today at 1pm (Weather Prediction Center)

Because of this, temperatures will trend upward into an above normal range, similar to that of summertime. Our high’s will start in the lower 80’s today and reach the upper 80’s by Friday. Our low’s will remain in the lower 60’s each night.

Above average temperature outlook for this work week (Climate Prediction Center)

Our main concern with these conditions will be with dangerously high UV indices. For Thursday and Friday, the UV index will reach the extreme value of 10. If you plan being outside, make sure to have sunblock (SPF 15+), protective clothing and accessories, and water on hand.

DayUV IndexIdentifier
(Environmental Protection Agency)

This Trend Will Close Out the Week

Fortunately, this trend will carry on into the weekend. There’s not much to say other than that we hope that you can get outdoors to soak up some sunlight. Don’t forget to stay hydrated!

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