Chances of Rain to Start the Week

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend! Today we will be talking about the chance for showers over the next few days, with much warmer temperatures to go along with it. Let’s dive into the forecast!

Gert Verhulst Sun GIF by Studio 100
Temperatures will warm more and more as the week goes on. (Giphy)


We will see a mix of sun and clouds today. Since the sun will be mixing in, temperatures should warm up to right about the 80 degree mark. Winds will be coming from the south, so be prepared for temperatures to feel a little warmer than 80 degrees. After a cool week last week, it does appear that warm weather is here to stay for the most part.

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Today’s Graphical National Forecast

As we head into the evening tomorrow, shower chances will increase to about 30 percent. Showers should stay mostly light and brief, but there could be a rumble of thunder or two if a storm was able to intensify.


Tuesday does appear to have a better chance for rain as low pressure pushes towards WABBLES. At this time, no severe weather is anticipated, as models are currently trying to push the bulk of the rain through early in the morning.

Current look at future radar Tuesday morning. (Pivotal Weather)

Tuesday afternoon will feature highs in the upper 70’s, with cloud cover scattered throughout the day. We may some sunshine peek through towards the end of the day, but we will just have to wait and see my friends.

The Rest of the Week

The rest of the work week appears to be pretty quiet right now in terms of active weather. After all of the rain we have had recently, we could certainly use a few quiet days. Currently, Wednesday through Friday appears to have a good even mix of sun and clouds.

Warm air pushes north towards the end of the week. (Pivotal Weather)

Starting around Wednesday, our southerly flow will start to bring in our first blast of hot weather to the region. Yes… I said H.O.T. hot. As we head towards the weekend, high temperatures could even be flirting with the 90 degree mark. Prepare now for your pool days, my friends.

That will do it for me. I hope you all have a wonderful day, and try to get out and enjoy the weather before the heat gets cranked up. Please make sure to check out our social media sites @wxornotbg for constant weather updates!