Beautiful Start to the Weekend

Good morning everyone! It is finally Friday! I hope you all have had a wonderful week. We have some great weather ahead to start the weekend, but unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, as rain chances return on Sunday, and continue into the upcoming week.

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Rain chances are coming back soon.


We are starting out pretty cool this morning, with temperatures in the lower 40’s. As we progress throughout the day, we will rapidly warm up. We are headed straight ahead towards high temperatures in the low 70’s.

Today’s afternoon temperatures across the region. (Courtesy Pivotal Weather)

If you can go outside today, I certainly encourage that you do so. Partly cloudy skies will make for a lovely day to go outside and enjoy the Springtime weather!

Day 3 image not available
High pressure keeps our weather looking good! (Courtesy WPC)


I promised you all earlier that the weekend would start out with good weather. Well my friends, I am here to deliver on that promise. You’re welcome.

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High pressure pushes to the east after one more day of nice weather (Courtesy WPC)

Temperatures will start off cool again on Saturday morning, but afternoon high temperatures will hit the lower to mid 70’s. We can thank high pressure for another lovely day, although, we will start to see changes to our weather on Sunday **insert boo sound here**

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I am just as disappointed as you are. (Courtesy Giphy)

Sunday and Beyond

Lows on Saturday night will be a tad warmer than the past few nights, around 57 degrees. This warm-up will help for some storm chances to start on Sunday. At this time, Sunday does not appear to be a washout. We will have to watch out, though, for pop-up showers and thunderstorms. Models currently disagree on how widespread these showers and thunderstorms might be, but significant severe weather does not appear to be a concern at this time.

Current Future Radar for Sunday Evening (Courtesy Pivotal Weather)

After some showers and storms on Sunday, it does appear that storm chances will stay with us to start the work week next week, as we settle back into an active weather pattern. Currently, the heaviest rain for our area appears to be north of WABBLES, but we will have to see how this possibly changes over the next few days.

Axis of heaviest precipitation could move north or south over next few days (Courtesy WPC)

That does it for me today. Make sure you get out and enjoy the amazing weather today, my friends! It will sadly be coming to an end soon! As usual, you can check out the latest updates anytime 24/7 on our social media platforms @wxornotbg. Have a great day everyone!