More Sun and Pleasant Conditions on the Way

Good Thursday Morning WABBLES! There won’t be a whole heck of a lot to talk about this morning, but in the weather business, that’s a good thing. I hope everyone has had a great week so far and is ready for more sun today.

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I hope you are all ready for yet another day of sunshine, warm temperatures and overall boring weather. In all honesty, take a carbon-copy of our weather yesterday and bring it today, you’ll have today’s forecast in a nutshell. You can expect high temperatures this afternoon to top out in the upper 60s.

Model Projected High Temperatures (Pivotal Weather)

Like I mentioned a second ago, sunny and clear skies are to be expected thanks to some very high pressure surrounding the region.

WPC Frontal Chart Thursday

Winds will be on the breezy side, but nothing serious or too gusty. Winds should remain around the 10 mph range.

Model Projected Wind Gusts (Pivotal Weather)


Friday will consist of even more sunshine and warmth. Highs will roughly be around the same as today, if not just slightly higher. Some highs reaching 70 in isolated areas would not shock me.

Model Projected Highs on Friday (Pivotal Weather)

That high pressure system will be located directly over central Indiana which will keep skies clear and weather quiet.

WPC Frontal Chart for Friday


Saturday looks to be rather quiet as well, but a storm system will be approaching from the Western US. The high pressure that I have been mentioning will be over far Eastern Kentucky which should keep us dry for the first half of the day.

WPC Frontal Chart Saturday

Isolated showers in the afternoon will be possible on Saturday. High temperatures on Saturday will reach the lower 70s, especially for those who see the most sun.

Model Projected Highs for Saturday (Pivotal Weather)

Sunday will be the biggest event of the week and blog post, as high rain chances return. Just taking a look at the WPC frontal chart, you can see a rather expansive system moving towards our region.

1-2″ of Rain Possible Sunday-Monday

WPC Frontal Chart on Sunday

This system will just keep moving towards us throughout Sunday and well into next week. Everything will fully start Sunday, but end well into next week. We could very easily be dealing with multiple rounds of rain.

Future Radar into Next week

All of this rain is where we start to treading into long range territory, so keep in mind things could change.

Right now, the WPC has a large heavy rain threat in their Medium Range Hazards Outlook. As of now, the greatest threat for heavy rain accumulations remains just to the north of WABBLES.

WPC Medium Range Hazards Outlook

There is plenty of time for this to change, but this is where we stand currently.

Given the long range nature of this forecast, and the almost polar opposite model guidance, I believe it is too early to start talking about rain totals through next week.

That will do it for today’s blog post, I hope everyone has a chance to spend some time outside before the rain next week. I encourage you all to visit us on our social media below.