Saturday Soaker Ahead

Good Thursday Morning Everyone! I hope you have all had a great week so far, even with the snow and cold. Unfortunately, the cold is not entirely done yet, and we can expect a Saturday soaker this weekend.

Freezing Parks And Recreation GIF by MOODMAN
Everyone Since the Snow Yesterday (Giphy)


We are currently sitting on the tail end of a Freeze Warning and Frost Advisory that pretty much cuts WABBES down the middle. This is all set to expire at 9 AM this morning currently.

Current Warnings/Advisories (Courtesy NWS Louisville)

Temperatures will continue to rise throughout the day like normal, just not as much as we would all like. Highs today look to be in the upper 50s, to maybe the very low 60s.

Temperature Outlook Today (Pivotal Weather)

We will have high pressure to the west of the region which will help keep any chances very low, to none. Some very light and isolated quick showers are possible across our eastern counties. This will be thanks to some energy moving over us, but overall, the chances for rain are very minimal.

WPC Frontal Chart for Today

That high pressure will also help us clear out from clouds in the afternoon, but there will likely be some isolated lingering clouds throughout the day.


Friday Morning we can see some more rain chances as some additional energy works its way through the area. This rain early Friday will not be anything serious, rather just a bit annoying.

Future Radar Friday Morning (Pivotal Weather)

Rain chances will exist all day on Friday, but will go down significantly throughout the afternoon.

Temperatures, thankfully, do not look to be as cold in the morning as they will be today. With that being said, you can expect highs to remain in the lower 60s


Saturday will be the main story for this blog post, with the potential for a small soaker. Look for the rain to be a problem until the evening, when this system looks to be on the way out.

Future Radar Saturday (Pivotal Weather)

In terms of the rainfall, I would expect to see totals ranging around an inch to potentially more. This won’t be anything too serious, but it will be enough rain to cancel any serious outdoor plans.

Potential Rainfall Totals (Pivotal Weather)

When looking at temperatures this Saturday, expect highs around 60 or just slightly below.


Sunday looks to be much nicer than Saturday, high pressure moves back in and keeps us dry for the day. This will keep the day overall fairly nice.

WPC Frontal Chart for Sunday

Temperatures will be able to make their ways into the mid to upper 60s, which will be the first time in a few days. I would expect there to be some scattered clouds throughout the day, but I will take a few clouds for warmer temperatures.

That is all for today’s blog post! I hope you all have a great rest of your week and weekend. Do your best to stay dry and do your best to get outside Sunday. I encourage you all to reach out and visit us on our social media accounts with Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter @wxornotBG.