Potential For Frost as Temperatures Plummet Overnight

Good morning, everyone! We hope you are waking up ready for the day and have a winter coat handy for the morning commute to work. If this comes as a shock to you, don’t worry, we got you covered. In today’s post, we cover everything you need to know to prepare for what’s to come.

We Missed You, Winter! (Not)

In the early hours of this morning, the last of the mixed precipitation from a prior disturbance will be moving out of our region. Despite this, temperatures will linger in the upper 30’s for most of the morning. Therefore, make sure you bundle up before heading to work.

Projected precipitation for today from midnight to 4am (Pivotal Weather)

For the remainder of the day, we will remain in a rut of well below average temperatures. With that said, our high will struggle to even reach the 50 degree mark. Once more, temperatures will plummet by nightfall, with our low in the low to mid-30’s.

We know, we know…(GIPHY)

Because of this, our entire community will be under a Freeze Watch late tonight (1AM) through tomorrow morning (9AM). This poses a threat to sensitive vegetation and unprotected outdoor plumbing. To prepare, make sure to cover your plants and wrap or drain pipes before you go to sleep.

(National Weather Service)

At Least It’s Going to Be Sunny‚Ķ

Tomorrow, we will start out with temperatures on the brink of below freezing, as the Freeze Watch will be in effect then. We will still be cool throughout the day, but temperatures will be slightly warmer. Expect a high in the lower 50’s and a low in the upper 30’s.

Projected temperatures for the entirety of tomorrow (Pivotal Weather)

Fortunately, cloud cover will be minimal, allowing for plentiful sunshine throughout the day. This will be short-lived, as Friday will be mostly cloudy, accompanied with overnight showers. Enjoy the sun while you can!

Projected cloud cover for the entirety of tomorrow (Pivotal Weather)

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