Pleasant Easter Weekend On The Way

Good morning people of Wabbles! I hope everyone has had a great week so far and are ready for some more quiet weather in the near future. This will lead to a rather short blog post this time around, but nevertheless, let’s dive into it.

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The Cold Temps this Week Coming at us Like (Giphy)


Temps sure did fall pretty quickly last night, just like my calculus grade this semester. We have that Freeze Warning that was issued last night that will go until 9am CDT.


Temps will remain fairly cold this morning but will quickly start to rise throughout the day. Look for highs today to be around 50 degrees all across the board.

Projected Temps Throughout Thursday (Pivotal Weather)

Looking at the Weather Prediction Center’s Frontal Chart for today, you can see high pressure dominant across the Midwest. This will promote a gradual warmup through the weekend into next week and pleasant weather.

WPC Frontal Chart for Today

Thanks to the high pressure, you can expect sunny skies throughout today along with some gusty winds. Occasional wind gusts could get up to 10-15 mph.

Easter Weekend

This weekend will be a very similar story to today, plenty of sunshine and warming temperatures. That high pressure will still be dominate across the region and highs will get up to the lower to mid 60s on Saturday.

WPC Frontal Chart for Saturday

Sunday, again, will be a practical carbon copy to Saturday. Plenty of sunshine, with a few clouds mixing in and highs getting into the mid to upper 60s. This will lead to a perfect day to celebrate Easter with your loved ones, so be sure to spend some time outside!

Next Week

The overall pattern going into next week looks to remain mostly quiet for the first bit of the week. As we move into about mid-next week, we could have a potential storm system move through.

WPC Frontal Chart Early Next Thursday

Since this is a good 4-5 days out, models aren’t exactly playing nice with each other. The disagreements between the models aren’t the worst I have seen, but it is still something to note.

With us also moving into April and approaching the peak of spring, we will need to stay alert if this system starts showing signs of a severe weather threat. That really looks to be uncertain at this time, but regardless it will be something we are watching.

Future Radar of a Possible Future Storm System (Pivotal Weather)

That will be all for today, folks! I hope everyone has a great day and enjoys a safe and pleasant Easter Holiday weekend. I encourage you all to look us up on our social media accounts with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.