Another Severe Threat Tonight

Good morning, everyone! Can you believe that this time next week will be April? In case you were unaware, Spring is definitely in full force proven by the new blooms and the recent storms. Storms return today and we will even see another severe threat tonight.

Lightning Strike Clouds GIF by Kev Lavery
Accurate depiction of the weather in Spring. (

Breaking It Down

This morning, expect the clouds to build in and stick around for the vast majority of the day, especially for our southern counties. Throughout the morning and afternoon, the southern counties, once more, have a chance to see some storms. You can already hear rumbles of thunder this morning. After this, the majority of the day will present a short window to play a soccer game or two down at Lovers Lane with SKY Soccer.

Live look at the radar at the 7 o’clock hour. (NWS)

It will be mostly cloudy, other than a few stray showers and after lunch with and the high in the mid-70s.

However, when we reach the hours of about 5pm on, especially the first couple hours after sunset, the story really begins to change. This is when the severe threat goes into full force. Storms will breach the WABBLES region with the greatest threats at this point being damaging winds, decent-sized hail, the possibility of an isolated tornado, and heavy rain.

NAM says that by tomorrow morning, we will have around 2.5 inches of rain. (Pivotal Weather)

If anything, we will at least log a couple of inches of rainfall from these storms to count towards this months data.

With having variables that are conducive to severe storms in place, in tandem with sufficient values of these variables, it makes sense as to why the storm prediction center has placed us at a slight risk to see severe weather.

WABBLES community highlighted in the “slight risk” region, but the “enhanced” sector is just across TN border. (SPC)

With all of this being said, stay tuned to our twitter account as we approach the evening for updates on warnings and the latest storm info. Also, if you can, should there be a storm that gets warned, try to be indoors during this time period of 5pm on.

Storms will last through the entirety of the overnight tonight and lingering scattered rain showers will take us through the afternoon on Sunday.

NAM shows the line moved out by 10am tomorrow, but I would expect showers to linger a bit longer than this. (Pivotal Weather)

Other than that, it looks like we will have a great start to the week with lots of sun and mild temperatures.

That’s all for today! Make sure to follow our twitter, @wxornotBG, to get all the details about the storms tonight. Stay safe!