Dry with Teases of Sun

Good morning WABBLES, and happy Tuesday everyone! The past few days we have seen off and on rain showers which have reminded us all that spring is right around the corner. Today though, we will experience a break from the rain as it will remain dry with teases of sun.

High Five Teamwork GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants
High fives for the sun. (giphy.com)

Warm, Partly Sunny Tuesday

Today will be quite mild with a high in the low to mid 70s. The clouds will be blanketed pretty heavy in the morning time hours, but as the day progresses, we should see them fade into the afternoon. This is the point when we will see our best chances to see peeks of sunshine, so get out and enjoy an afternoon walk if you can!

You can see a pocket of sun off to our west which will make its way to our region in the afternoon! (Pivotal Weather)

Heading into the overnight, mostly cloudy conditions return as a system approaches which has the potential to bring us our first severe weather of the season.

Severe Threat Builds On Wednesday

To start the day on Wednesday, we will again begin under mostly cloudy conditions. By around lunchtime, we will see our first showers move into the region. Heading later into the afternoon and evening, things begin to get a bit more bumpy with gusts as high as 25mph.

The Storm Prediction Center as of now, has our area at a slight risk for seeing severe storms anytime Wednesday afternoon to early Thursday morning.

Bowling Green at a slight risk to see severe weather for tomorrow late afternoon/evening and early morning hours of. Thursday. (spc)

As of now the greatest threats we face with these storms moving through will be strong winds and heavy rain as we could see up to two inches Wednesday during the PM hours. Those to our south and west are looking like they will have the best chances and atmospheric conditions to see tornado spin-ups.

The GFS model predicts we see 1.7 inches of rain through 5am Thursday. (Pivotal Weather)

As always, stay weather-aware in the next 24-hours to ensure your safety. That’s all for today! Be sure to follow us on twitter, @wxornotBG, and also on Facebook, and Instagram. Have a great week.