The Thaw Begins

Good morning, everyone! Welcome to the weekend. After spending over a week with highs below freezing, a lot of that snow and slush hasn’t had the opportunity to melt away quite yet. However, if you’re tired of looking at the snow, boy do I have good news for you! The thaw begins today as temperatures are expected to surpass the freezing mark.

olaf GIF
A lot of melting Olaf’s to take place this weekend. (

Sunny and Chilly Saturday

As mentioned above that the high today is predicted to reach over freezing, about 36 to be exact, it will still feel quite chilly. Our wind chill value will be on the struggle bus today with the low wind chill value feeling as bitter as 9 degrees. That is quite cold, so be sure to dress accordingly.

We will have a wind chill value of 11 degrees by about 10AM according to the HRRR model. (Pivotal Weather)

Other than that, there’s not much else noteworthy to occur today besides the beautiful sunny sky that finally made its appearance yesterday. Overnight, skies will stay mostly clear with a low of 21.

Similar Forecast For Sunday

As we head into Sunday, you can expect the sunny conditions to stick around, but this time without the frigid wind chill. In fact, our high will be on the chase for 50 degrees! We haven’t seen this number in so long it also sounds foreign, haha.

High pressure dominating the region with being stuck in the warm sector of an approaching low has us back to seeing above average temperatures. (wpc)

Overnight, a disturbance arrives bringing wet weather with it. You can expect gusty winds, the precipitation to remain as rain, and no more than a half inch of it will fall.

Conditions to Start the Week

To start the work week, the overnight rain from Sunday will carry into the morning hours of Monday and gradually taper off. By mid to late morning, clouds will clear revealing sunny skies once more. The high climb to about the mid 40s.

Timeline of the rain to move through Sunday night into Monday. (Pivotal Weather)

Tuesday and Wednesday look to also be absolutely stellar with plenty of sunshine and highs approaching 60 degrees. Spring???

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